Tailored Coaching For Call Quality Training

Coaching for call quality training enables participants to revitalise their approach to the coaching conversations they have, helping agents to develop skills and confidence to engage with your customers.

What part does your call quality and your call coaching play in achieving your business and operational objectives?

Do you need to develop key behaviours to deliver improvements in performance?

Do you need to improve customer service, sales or efficiencies within your operation?

Has your call coaching got stuck in a rut, with meetings which don’t bring about the change that you require?

Do you want to introduce call coaching rather than just call evaluation – getting more return from your call evaluation process?

Are you getting a suitable return on your investment in coaching?

Do you need to inspire your coaches about the impact that can make?

Suitable for team leaders or quality coaches, Coaching for Call Quality Training is aimed at people who have the day to day conversations with agents, and helps them shape those conversations to bring change and improvements in the quality of your customers experience.

Tailored Coaching for Call Quality Training

Tailored to your specific requirements, and designed with your outcomes in mind. Intelligent Dialogue training is highly interactive, participative and relevant to team leaders and quality coaches. Coaching for Call Quality Training helps people to understand their role, and how they can coach to develop skills and performance:-

  • understanding the difference between feedback and coaching
  • recognising your role as a coach – the boundaries with performance management, your role in developing skills, knowledge and attitudes
  • helping agents to engage with the work they do, and the people they have conversations with
  • developing your standards – the quality of your conversations as a focus for a change in behaviour
  • strengthening the tools in your coaching toolkit
  • creating change – the difference between capability and willingness
  • assessing resourcefulness in the people you are coaching and how to adapt your style accordingly
  • structuring the coaching “meeting” – making things CLEARER
  • setting the right tone for your coaching conversations
  • handling resistance
  • helping people develop skills and behaviours which are appropriate for their role
  • developing action plans that bring about change
  • connecting conversations and action plans; the importance of follow up and the difference a call quality coach can make

Coaching for Call Quality Training – what our clients say

Intelligent Dialogue has provided BOC with consistently high quality service for several years. Each designed intervention links seamlessly into relevant strategies, values and real time objectives providing a truly value added solution. Validation reinforces our decision to keep the I.D team coming back to the Customer Service Centre – keep up the great work.

Barbara White, Training & Development Manager, BOC Gases

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