Customer service training to help you:-

  • improve your customer experience
  • gain a competitive edge to retain and grow market share
  • develop confidence and skills when dealing with all types of customer
  • delight your customers
  • retain more customers even the unhappy ones
  • be easy to do business with
  • strengthen your brand

From training courses to development programmes, we can help your people develop the skills and behaviours which deliver the results you require.

From skills training to transformational development programmes, our training has helped our clients retain customers and helped their people feel good about the work they do.

Our training is developed and designed to achieve your outcomes, in your market place, with your customers and your people.

Ambassador Training

helping your people connect with your customers, building the skills and behaviours to deliver a great customer experience and your brand promises.

Complaint Handling Training

Complaint Handling Training, boost confidence and skills of your customer facing people so that you retain more customers when things go wrong.

Customer Service Training

Tailored Customer Service Training; build the skills and behaviours to help your people delight your customers

Essentials Skills Contact Centre Training

Training Courses in a Central Manchester Location; Contact Centre Training in association with Call North West