More than training consultants – we support you, your business and your people development

We know one size doesn’t fit all, and so, as training consultants we work in a flexible way with each of our clients to get the best outcomes for their people and their business. Here’s some of the things we can help you achieve:-

Developing your sales people

We help people develop their approach to their market place, helping sales people to build the confidence to have the type of conversations that sell their product or service in their market place. Experts in business to business sales, especially in distribution, manufacturing, engineering and plant hire, we help field sales team effectiveness. We also work with inside sales teams, translating sales strategy into effective conversations with customers.

Developing your customer experience

We helped clients map their customer experience, and design and deliver transformational programmes which engage people in delivering a great customer experience. From customer service teams to creating Ambassadors in engineers and drivers, we help our clients to make a difference to their customers by developing the skills and behaviours of their people.

Developing your call quality

We work with call and contact centres to build the right kind of call quality for their organisation. This might involve training and development, or looking at call evaluation and coaching, but our joined up approach brings clients real results from their conversations with customers.

Develop your managers and team leaders

A combination of training, coaching and work based learning to develop the management skills and approaches necessary for your organisation to thrive. Project work supporting the programme identfies ways to improve and develop the business. The revenue or savings generated by these projects outweighs the investment in the training and development.

Developing your future managers and leaders

Prepare your talent for team leader positions with this development programme. A combination of a development centre, experiential learning and work based project that enables your people to grow the skills your business requires.

About Us – Projects we’ve been involved in

Here’s some of the larger project work our training consultants have undertaken recently:-

Ambassador Training

Working with a field base large engineering team, we worked with a large team of long serving engineers to look at their part in the overall customer experience.  The training was very well received, connecting people with the importance of their role, while developing the skills and behaviours to help customers. Engineers have the challenge that when they want to visit site for regular maintenance, they are not welcome because it means a disruption to the day to day activity, when there is a breakdown they are expected to solve the problem quickly and cost effectively. Working real life situations, we equipped engineers with the communication skills to help customers.

Developing Commercial Thinking and Skills

Working with contracts managers and branch managers to explore the commercial thinking within the business, and improve the quality of conversations with customers. Underpinning, all of this was the focus of delivering profitable projects for the business. A truly bespoke programme helping this business focus on what good looks like, and replicating this throughout their branch structure. The client experienced results in improved customer service, sales and gross profit.

Management Development Programme

Working with team leaders, and senior managers to develop management and leadership thinking across this sales focused business. The business has benefited from stronger working relationships across departments and tiers of management, which has helped with product launches as well as managing the day to day.

Conversations that bring Conversions

Working to develop the skills and confidence to have conversations that persuade prospects to choose this client. This has brought about a major shift in the types of calls that people are making, helping people engage with customers, enjoy the work they do, and bring about growth for the organisation, converting customers that wouldn’t have chosen to do business with them in the past.

Strengthening Outbound Sales

Working with team leaders to develop a focus across the team on hitting profitable numbers. Numbers are in the black throughout this year through the team leaders’ hard work and determination to ensure success within the business. We have worked with the management team, and their telephone account managers as required to develop focus, skills and campaigns which have delivered results.

Sales Management Development

Helping a family business to grow their sales, by developing their sales force and their sales management thinking.

Call Quality Coaching Development

Working with a call quality team to develop their skills in call coaching, and understanding how to support the business requirements by building consultative relationships with line managers and team leaders.

Call Centre Audit

The client saw the need to develop the approach of its contact centre, but recognised they did not have skills internally. We audited their existing processes, made recommendations, highlighted the opportunities for further sales and managing costs within the business, and helped recruit the right person to lead the contact centre forward within the business.

If you’d like to know more about us and how we can help your team, call us now on 0845 450 0988