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Bev Alderson


Bev Alderson is a wellness advocate, yoga teacher, stress management consultant and trainer who is passionate about helping individuals and organisations find practical ways to create more balance, enhance their wellbeing, reduce stress and be more effective.

She is no fluffy wellness coach but a pragmatist with a strong corporate background where she spent 18 plus years performing high pressured management roles within the IT and Finance industries in both the UK and Australia.

Heading up IT service desks, production services, major incident and service delivery teams as well as leading a number of organisational change pieces, she understand first-hand the impacts of a high pressured environment and lifestyle enabling her to bring authenticity to the work she does.

Blending together her corporate and wellness experience, Bev’s expertise is in providing practical tools and techniques in wellness that support the corporate agenda and complement organisational training and development programmes.


Specialist Subjects

  • Delivery of presentations, workshops and comprehensive programs on stress awareness and stress management
  • Practical delivery of how to manage demands through prioritisation, time and energy management, productivity and minimising distractions
  • Stretching and yoga delivery at conference and wellness days
  • Ergonomics – how to sit and stand to stay well
  • Teaching everyday solutions to enhance personal wellness and build personal resilience

“Fantastic! Training was fun and insightful with practical applications that could be used by individuals and within the business to help us improve on delivering results and having a balanced team”

“Has a real passion for what she believes in which comes across in a very approachable and clear manner”

“Bev provided an insightful presentation to the team providing practical ideas for supporting their wellbeing during a period of high pressure due to organisational and process change”

“The feedback we received about Beverley was amazing and I think what really made the employees stick with it was that they felt comfortable with her”

“Genuinely think this has been the most fun conference session I’ve ever done”

“Bev provided us with a brilliant session on personal well-being, including some great ergonomics advice”

“The program provided me with a great understanding of what stress actually is, the different types there are and how it impacts you physically.  Knowing this and using the techniques that we practised with Bev has allowed me to reduce stress in the workplace and at home”


All things wellness



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Complicated wellness techniques

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