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Diane Banister

Managing Director

Diane Banister is the Managing Director of Intelligent Dialogue and has been involved in training and development for over 25 years. Her main driver is to help people and businesses be successful and achieve their goals.

She has a great mix of creativity and pragmatism, and has a real knack for tuning into both people and organisations. This means that she is able to design programmes and approaches which get rave reviews.  At a client level, she is valued by clients for being a wise sounding board, for her generosity and because she helps people! Quite simply, if you involve Intelligent Dialogue in your business, she will want you to succeed.

She is results focused, knowing that it is essential that we deliver for our clients but she is determined that people enjoy the journey.

Specialist subjects

  • Developing training and development programmes that work for the culture of the client
  • Intelligent customer contact within the business strategy of an organisation
  • Converting marketing strategy into meaningful customer contact
  • Business to business sectors especially where there are technical products and services
  • Developing people’s confidence

She was Chair of the Team Leader Group for Call North West, supporting team leaders in contact centres in the North West on a voluntary basis from 2017 to 2019, and mentors leaders in the sales and service space.

“Very straightforward, fun, built my confidence and I feel excited about my action plan”

"Diane is very good at getting you to think differently about things; to see things a different way, and to see what's possible"

“Very interesting, everything she said had great relevance”

“Easy to listen to, knows what she’s talking about”

“Makes you see things differently in a positive way”

“Made me feel at ease and helped me learn loads”

"The best training course I've been on, made me realise so many things, and feel confident and able to put them into practice."

"Diane's approach is rooted in the real world, makes everything relevant and helps you see what you can do to change something"

"Diane cares. She wants her clients and her delegates to be successful and it shows"

"Inspiring, some really practical solutions that will make a difference to my role"


  • Test Match Cricket - best sport in the world
  • Learning to do new things
  • Exploring new places
  • Getting results from activity
  • To laugh


  • Teapots that don't pour
  • Jargon
  • Poor customer service - there's no need
  • Waste