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Fiona Pandelus



Fiona specialises in the design and delivery of high-quality culture change, leadership, customer experience and sales performance programmes which facilitate achievement, drive performance and accelerate growth.


She has consistently delivered successful long-term business outcomes for a wealth of blue-chip clients across a wide variety of industries, shaping authentic learning solutions which resonate directly with participants from front line to board level, building confidence, capability and motivation to resolve real world challenges.


Fiona has particular experience of long term, multi-channel, culture change and sales performance programmes across EMEA, Latin America, Central and South East Asia.  Her passion to empower people and businesses draws upon a rich core of commercial, learning and front-line delivery experience and ensures a flexible and bespoke approach to every client’s needs.


Specialist subjects

  • Getting ‘under the skin’ of individual businesses to truly understand their unique challenges and specific business objectives
  • Concept design and development of blended learning solutions from bite sized workshops to business wide long-term culture change programmes
  • Experiential learning including meticulously researched role plays and business simulations
  • Creating positive and dynamic learning environments which build confidence and generate successful learning outcomes
  • End to end project management from diagnostic to delivery and ongoing Coaching

"Over the course of the training we identified many areas for action and improvement, and I am sure that the significant increase in our trading results during our last two financial years has been aided by the impact of Fiona's training programme.

"The training itself was very relevant tour needs, as born out by the various types of customer and scenarios explored, and her presentations were very clear and delivered in a relaxed and humorous way."

"Fiona spent a great deal of time in the early preparation stage to learn how we operate as a team and also took the time to interview each member to attain an in-depth understanding of our different roles, accounts and commercial experience."

Fiona was able to accommodate everyone's needs irrespective of position, age, etc, etc and considering she had no prior knowledge of our industry, this did not hinder her approach or technique at all."

Fiona is very knowledgeable and I have learned so much from her. The exercises we did gave me insight into who my clients really are, my unique selling points, the benefits of my services and strategies I can use when selling."

"It was very practical, instantly useable and just what I needed. Fiona is a very kind lady who tried to give me all she had which was fantastic. Still after the course I go back to the exercises we did and find that I can build on them."

"Fiona not only rose to the challenge of the dynamics of the group but she truly delivered a fantastic session which I am still receiving positive comments from people who attended."

"Fiona made it fun and informative, challenging and thought provoking. Fiona's outline plan was sent to me before the event and I was really impressed with her plan of action which showed that she had taken our initial brief and tailored it to exactly what I wanted."

"Fiona not only is an expert in her field but she has a really warm personality and strives to make her training enjoyable and not forgettable!"

"I was immediately drawn to Fiona's energy, professionalism and passion for creativity. She's one of those rare people who have the ability to provoke, challenge and forensically analyse, while constantly providing motivation and encouragement."

"Fiona was fun and her knowledge has benefited me."

"Very good. Obviously a lot of research was done to meet the needs of our industry."

"Very good. Presentations were very clear and presented in a relaxed and humorous way."

"Excellent knowledge, presentation and involvement. Not boring. Interesting throughout. Engaging everyone."

"I really enjoyed the training, considering I was terrified at the thought of the role-play, I got a lost out of this. Thank you Fiona!"



  • Getting outdoors - especially in the Highlands!
  • Lifelong learning
  • Volunteering with and mentoring young people
  • Finding new corners of the world to explore
  • Photography
  • Live music



  • Inequality
  • Rudeness
  • Eggs and tuna fish
  • Very small spaces
  • Midgies
  • Packing the tent up in the rain....