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Sarah Archer



Sarah Archer is a speaking, storytelling and humour coach and consultant, speaker and writer. She also hosts a podcast in over 165 countries, which regularly features in the management charts across the globe.

With over 20 years’ experience as a HR leader and project manager in the corporate world, combined with her NLP training and experience as a stand-up comic, two-time author, international playwright, and actress, Sarah is a different kind of speaking and marketing coach.

She works with entrepreneurs, corporate leaders and companies to find and create their compelling stories to engage internal and external audiences.

Sarah’s favourite thing about the work she does is helping people fulfil their potential and surprise themselves about what is possible for them.

Specialist Subjects:

  • Public speaking and story-telling coaching and workshops for pitches; webinars and presentations;
  • Coaching and consulting on how to use stories in marketing to attract and convert customers;
  • Story led communication programmes for change initiatives.

“Sarah was an absolute pleasure to work with - she’s really committed and passionate about what she does. Her warmth and empathy combined with her sharp comic timing and business skills make her an amazing coach and ally. We would not hesitate to recommend working with her - and are frantically trying to find another reason to have her working with us again. The results that she coaxed out of diverse group of people were nothing short of incredible. It’s safe to say we are fans."

Jenni Young

Managing Director - Partnership for Growth & Innovation, London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham and Imperial College London

“Leah and I had such a great day and feel really inspired post workshop and event! Can’t wait to watch all the wonderful things you all get up to. Thank you again to the Upstream Team and Sarah!"

Nikki Michelsen, OHNE

“I run a social media outsourcing agency. I’m continuously out there networking, meeting new people and promoting my business. The best way to tell people about what my business does and how it helps others, is to give presentations. I’m ok with standing up in front of people but only if I have well structured talk prepared. Talking at people is not difficult but talking to people in engaging way is an art and this is exactly why I recently turned to Sarah.

In only one hour 121 session she took all my content and gave it a structure. The same day I was able to put into action everything we talked about. The presentation is now much easier for me to remember as one thing logically follow the other. I know I wasn’t the first that Sarah helped. I saw massive difference in the way my colleagues presented after consulting her before.”

Yola O'Hara, Visually Explained






Live Comedy, Theatre and Movies

Cool boardgames (Lockdown discovery!)

Craft beer



Art of any type that is more for the artist than the audience


Cognac and Sherry (you definitely can have too much of a good thing)