Why Us?

Intelligent Dialogue


At Intelligent Dialogue we know it’s really important that you choose the right training provider for your organisation and for your people.

When working with a training provider you need to understand their approach and exactly how it will work for you.

How will their content and methodologies support your strategy and your people development?

How will their process help you to transfer the learning from the training session into their day to day so that they perform better?

Over the years we’ve heard some horror stories of wasted investment, and so wanted to share with you, our approach to working with our clients.

Why should you think about commissioning Intelligent Dialogue to develop your people?

Let’s tell you a little more about our approach to Training & Development


1. We take your needs seriously ….. because sometimes you need some external energy, expertise and support.

We will work with you, with your outcomes in mind, so that we deliver a training course or a development programme that helps participants build their skills and confidence; helping you achieve your overall requirements from your investment in training.

“Intelligent Dialogue implicitly understands our needs” L & D Manager, BOC

“Intelligent Dialogue takes our business and our needs as seriously as we do” Operations Director, LGH

2. Walking the talk

Our people have real life expertise and experience of sales, management, call centres, customer service, in short the areas they train in. Credibility with participants gets buy-in quicker and results come easier.

3. Innovative, highly-participative approaches

to the tried and tested, which means your people engage with the messages and explore what they need to do in order to be more confident and competent in their roles.  We know that training and development must deliver for the individual so that they AND your business perform better.

4. Making it relevant,

One of the key and most important factors in how people learn. Just as we’ll ask your people to translate your products, policies and procedures into a language that’s right for your customers, we’ll do the same with any theory – bringing it life and making it realistic and relevant for your people.  When we ask our clients why they use us, they say we

  • speak their language
  • talk about their reality
  • understand their world
  • get amazing buy in from people who attend
  • don’t waste training time to getting to know their organisation; we’ve done that before we work with your people
  • get results
  • explore things in as much depth is needed
  • build confidence and action
  • support line managers and learning and development departments get a return on their investment with us
  • challenge and support
  • focus on developing people rather than delivering training and that makes a big difference

5. Where possible work live issues

We encourage people to bring relevant case studies, problems and examples to any session. We’ll help them apply and test different approaches to overcome their challenges with a particular situation, colleague or customer.

6. Learning reviews and action plans

In the fast paced working environments, particularly when people are responding to customers, people rarely have the space and time to think about what they could do differently to improve their performance. By creating the right space to think, most people are able to develop clear actions that will help them be more successful in their role.

7. Follow up

We work with you to ensure you enjoy the retention of learning, skills and practices after a course by implementing a combination of follow up activities such as emails, buddies, coaching, team meetings, follow up sessions. We’ll support your line managers to ensure that action plans are put into practice in your day to day activities.

In short, we want you to succeed. Win win. Everyone benefits.

Why not get in touch now to think through your learning and development requirements?