Happy New Year from Intelligent Dialogue

The very best for 2018

Happy New Year. It’s 2018; fresh with possibilities.
What are you going to do in 2018 that will make this a …

Intelligent Dialogue Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas

It’s that time of year again!
We wanted to wish you a Happy Christmas, and the very best for your …

Call North West
Contact Centre Leaders Convention 17
We are delighted to let people know that our …

Team Leader Challenges

Are you a team leader?
Then we’re keen to understand the challenges that you face.  We think we know, from …

Managing Change

September’s Call North West Team Leader Group focused on managing change.
Ombudsman Services were great hosts as they explained the …

Call North West Diane Banister

Showcasing Recruitment

A big thank you to Stacey Williams for hosting Call North West Team Leader Group at the amazing facilities in …

Awesome Feedback

We take feedback very seriously at Intelligent Dialogue.
We review evaluations and we sit down with the sponsor of …

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