Getting Past Gatekeepers

Getting past gatekeepers requires technique, belief, determination and skill. We hear from so many participants in our training and development …

sales through service

Sales Through Service

Sales through service programmes are attractive propositions as pressure grows for contact centres to be revenue generators rather than cost …


Telemarketing Scripts

To script or not to script that is the question.
While a well crafted telemarketing script can provide the peace …

CRM & Telemarketing

CRM in Telemarketing

CRM Telemarketing  – how can it help you?
CRM technology enables you to track and maintain contact with customers, helping …

sales success

Get More Sales

Are you finding that:

You need to generate more new business because your current customers are spending less with …

what is feedback

What Is Feedback?

Feedback is a dialogue between people which reflects back how one person sees another person’s behaviour or performance.
We get …

verbal handshake

Verbal Handshake

Just as when we shake someone’s hand when we meet them face to face, a verbal handshake enables that connection …

Sales Inspiration

Diane Banister, Managing Director, of Intelligent Dialogue draws sales inspiration from an unlikely source – cricket.
Updated 25th August 2016

basic management skills

Basic Management Skills

Clarifying what you expect from your team
As a manager or team leader, it’s really important that everyone who reports …