Monday Motivation

Need a little Monday Motivation?

#MondayMotivation on twitter got us thinking and posting.

Someone asked us for one of our old posts, and so we thought wouldn’t it be useful to have them on the website as a reminder.

So here they are; some of our favourite thoughts to get you thinking.

7th August – Walt Disney

“The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing.”

Enough said!

stop talking start doing




July 30th – Sydney J Harris

“The two words “information” & “communication” are often used interchangeably, but they are quite different things. Information is given out; communication is getting through”

Intelligent Dialogue

July 23rd – The art of communication is the language of leadership

communication and leadership





July 9th – Look what happens when a manager believes in you

Inspired by the amazing leadership style of Gareth Southgate and a group of young men who wore their shirts with pride and helped a nation believe again. A commentator summed it up brilliantly.

Paul, in our office, summed the whole campaign up with ” I feel disappointed for them, bit disappointed by them”

when a manager believes in you



July 2nd – the less people know, the more they yell – Seth Godin

Here are July’s thoughts for the week and a little Monday Motivation

effective communication









June 18th – the more elaborate our means of communication, the less we communicate – Jospeh Priestley

intelligent dialogue communication


June 11th – You

What do you do to look after your own greatest asset? What will you do to invest in you?

Diane Banister









June 4th – Get moving

action and fear










Monday May 28th – Communication

Make it an “intelligent dialogue” – sorry!!











Monday May 21st – The wisdom of listening

Listening is such a key skill, and very few people do it well.