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Sales Training during Lockdown

Can I write a whole blog post about the work we’ve been doing without referencing “the strangest of times”  or have I just done that?

Well here goes.

Our lives as trainers has changed considerably since March, no long journeys ( in fact no journeys at all ), no hotels, no training rooms.  But, our constant has been that we have still been helping clients develop their people to deliver their sales strategy.

Instead of long journeys, we’ve had the commute to the computer, we’ve got familiar quickly with Zoom and how we can use this is to keep people engaged, focused and participating, we’ve built learning portals to help people keep track of their learning,  written and recorded video based training programmes to help sales people gearing up to return to work and had numerous internal team and client meetings to keep projects outcome focused.

We’ve been working throughout Lockdown running sales training for clients, in one hour modules, to keep them connected to their company and the “sales part” of their brain switched on. Using Zoom, we’ve got people thinking, challenged some of their beliefs and kept them in touch with their company, their colleagues and just how important their role will be when they are back at work.

Not only has sales training during Lockdown been possible, we’ve even managed to do role plays, and we’re working with people in one to one coaching sessions as we move into the “back to work phase”

Here’s some of the comments we’ve had

“Thought Provoking”

“I questioned the value of these sessions but they have been 100% helpful” Area Sales Manager

“Makes you think about what you do” Sales Manager

“Collectively hearing each other’s opinions has been very useful as well as understanding the value of what we stand for” Area Sales Manager

“It’s been really useful to see things from sales perspective” Customer Service Representative

“It’s good that the company has done this” Hire Desk Controller

If you would like to know more about how we can help you get your sales people back to work ready then please get in touch on 0845 450 0988