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Telemarketing Scripts

scriptTo script or not to script that is the question.

While a well crafted telemarketing script can provide the peace of mind that a telemarketing team is saying the right things in the right order, they don’t take into account the all important customer or prospect.

Scripts can become routine, and offer little flexibility, so it is difficult to differentiate yourself from all the other telemarketing calls which people receive, because those making the calls are not engaged with the subject or the purpose.

Not only that, things have moved on, an email broadcast or a social media campaign can be a more cost effective way of contacting prospects, freeing up your people to have higher value conversations with customers.

What’s the alternative to telemarketing scripts?

All your customers are not the same, so we use a system of call dialogues or call maps, rather than a script to deliver meaningful calls, as an integral part of a telemarketing campaign.

Specialists in effective business to business telemarketing, Intelligent Dialogue has developed a tried, tested and proven process which enables you to develop conversations with customers and prospects which they are happy to receive, and which your people are happy to make. The results; more engaged conversations with stronger outcomes for your sales figures, customer retention measures, and employee engagement.

What is the purpose behind calling a prospect or a customer?

You probably want to find out some information about them or their buying behaviour and you want to leave a positive targeted message behind to move them towards a purchase or action. We have developed a call structure or call map which works for every type of outbound call we’ve come across ( even credit control )

Key call handling skills to control and maintain a conversation, engage with the customer, together with a sound call structure gives powerful results to campaigns.

But the real power of our call maps is that when your people start working with the structure, understanding the sound communication and sales principles upon which it is based, they can start to build up their own call dialogues for new campaigns. Really motivating, and engaging because they are part of the process.

If you are serious about campaigns which deliver results, and growing the skills of your people, then we’d love to learn more about you and talk through how our approach can increase the output of your telemarketing campaigns. get in touch now on 0845 450 0988