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An App to Help You Build Good Habits

As a sales person you’ll know the importance of being proactive – of making sure that you do something everyday that will take you closer to your goals.

The most effective sales people and leaders we work with are those that use the simplest systems that make sure they do something each day that will take them closer to their goal.

One Chief Exec we work with has a list of his key goals by his phone, so that he has them at the front of his mind while he is on hold on the telephone. Simple, but a constant reminder of the things that he needs to concentrate on that will help him to achieve his vision for his company. A reminder of the important things, and the need to touch and pursue those everyday, rather than being sidetracked by the things that can get in the way.

Finding an effective and simple system is key, and as we are often out and about, we need something to be mobile. Which is why we love the App that we came across called “Habitbull”

It allows you to track your activity, so that your daily activity can build into good habits. From eating 5 a day, to contacting new prospects as part of your new business generation activity, you can set it up to help you measure what you need to.

Then all you have to do is to tell it you’ve done what you needed to do – and that’s very simple to do – a couple of touches on your screen. You can add notes if you want to, as a record, but you don’t need to.

The nice part is that it tracks your progress, and gives you a % score.

It’s very easy to get side tracked with the busy lives we lead, but if you see your % dropping it gives you focus to your activity, the nudge in the right direction that you might need. Focusing on the right things helps you to be more productive.

In sales, one of the key messages is to spend time doing the things where you will get most payoff from your activity. This simple App helps make sure you build the good habits that will get you the results you need.