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Average Length of Service Calls


What’s the average length of service calls and how are they changing?

Those of us who work in Customer Service know, that the nature of our work is changing.

Enabling customers to self serve, means that when they do call into a contact centre, it’s often because their query or problem is too complex for them to solve themselves. In the customer’s head, they are escalating the issue.

This means that calls are more complex; they require more communication and problem solving skills.

People taking these calls need to be equipped with the skills and the tools to do the job properly.

There’s much written about resilience and wellbeing in the contact centre world, and without the simple more transaction type of calls ( which customers can now solve for themselves usually through the web ) it means the job is more demanding.

And so people need to be equipped with good call handling skills, so that they can LEAD the conversation, NAVIGATE your systems, HELP the caller and SOLVE their problem – FIRST TIME.

The research from ContactBabel confirms this.

In 2003 the average length of a service call was 3 minutes 55 seconds.

In 2018 the average length of service calls was 5 minutes 12 seconds.

A 33% increase.

Average handling time is not a really useful metric, and too heavy a focus on it can skew other more important metrics such as First Time Resolution, or CSAT scores. It is, however, easy to calculate, and these figures serve as benchmark to help you think about the service you offer your customers.

The reality is that if your people are not well trained and equipped to resolve more complex queries, your business or organisation can suffer.

That’s where we can help. We’re experts in call handling skills training – because it’s so much more than answering the telephone