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Call Centre Management

call centre management

Good Call Centre Management is not just about managing people, it requires a focus on the processes and the technology that ensures your customers have a good experience when they come into contact with your operation.

Whether you have 10 seats or 10,000, operate in the business to business or business to consumer market place, a call centre is the heart of an organisation, managing vital contact with customers.

It’s about the efficiencies of managing call waiting times, and the quality of the conversation when a customer is speaking with an agent.

Get that right and your business, brand, your people and your career can flourish.

Get it wrong and your reputation can be damaged in the market place.

Call Centre Management – what it involves

Good call centre managers need to be able to:-

  • understand their customer and improve their experience when they need help
  • have real clarity about their operation and what it needs to deliver into the business or organisation
  • motivate and engage their people to deliver the best performance they can while sitting at their desk staring at a screen
  • lead their teams to improve performance
  • develop and manage the Key Performance Indicators which ensure the operation will deliver to all stakeholders
  • focus on developing systems, processes and people so that your operation is easy to do business with
  • manage costs, efficiencies and the day to day challenges ( sickness, technology, spikes in call traffic )
  • develop the skills and capabilities of their people to deliver an exceptional customer experience
  • keep up to date with changes which affect the customer experience such as social contact
  • manage different channels of customer contact

It’s worth remembering that we can manage processes and technology, but people want to be lead, to be inspired, and feel that what they do does make a difference. This can be a real challenge for a contact centre environment, where people are often carrying out repetitive tasks, while managing the pressure of the number of calls in the queue.

Helping your people to connect with customers, to make sure that they can help them with sound processes, and the liberation of focusing on the quality of calls and resolving their issue on the first call ( first contact resolution ) can go a long way.

Helping people to see the bigger picture of their activity and the outcome this brings for the organisation is a very powerful way to involve people, and that needs good quality team meetings. Meetings where people are encouraged to participate, to air their views, to take part.

At Intelligent Dialogue, we aim to help our clients be the best that they can be, and we want to help you be the best call or contact centre you can be.  For an informal chat about the challenges you face call us now on 0845 450 0988