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Managing Change

Call Centre TrainingSeptember’s Call North West Team Leader Group focused on managing change.

Ombudsman Services were great hosts as they explained the growth and change that they have been through as an organisation, and the lessons they had learned about managing change in terms of processes and people engagement with change.

Team Leader Group

A big shout out to Claire Jones and Emma Roberts, who organised a fascinating session which included their Change Management Specialists talk us through their process for change, and the lessons they had learned.

Crucially, Claire & Emma talked through some of the tools that they use as Team Managers to help bring people along in the change; which meant a very insightful session.

A huge thank you to both of you, and to Tony Earps for taking the time to say hello, to John Kane and Ysanne Heywood for really insightful presentations and to all your colleagues for making us feel so welcome.

The Team Leader Group is chaired by Diane Banister; our MD, and is free to any member of Call North West. It was good to see new members and new faces. Call North West will be releasing some information soon about something different for November’s session, and we will be publishing details of 2018’s schedule shortly; so stay tuned. Watch our LinkedIn and Facebook pages for more information.

If you want to know more about Ombudsman Services – here’s a very useful video which talks about their role in dispute resolution. It also includes information from their latest Consumer Action Monitor in 2016, which shows there were 53 million formal complaints in 2016, not including those were consumers decided to take no action.

Interestingly, half of the people surveyed said they would be happy with an apology, something which our Go To Guide on Dealing with Angry Customers focuses on.