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Sales Through Service

sales through serviceSales through service programmes are attractive propositions as pressure grows for contact centres to be revenue generators rather than cost centres.

Such programmes can deliver extraordinary customer service and when done well sales will happen, helping you increase profit.

Sales come from good customer service, because at the heart of both is a willingness to help the customer.

Here are some things for you to consider so that your business and your customers benefit from a sales through service focus. 

Understand your customer

You wont provide the kind of service that brings sales unless you see it from your customers point of view. In fact if you don’t understand your customer, and only see the transaction from a systems point of view you are likely to upset your customer and defeat your customer retention strategy.

Walk the customer experience with your customer in mind, don’t just pay lip service to it. Really understand what it is they want from you and what you have to offer. 

Sales can be a dirty word

Do not underestimate the fact that to some of your employees sales will be a dirty word.

To some people the thought of selling brings them out in a cold sweat. We’ve worked with some exceptional people over the years who just did not want to sell. This has helped inform our approach to helping “reluctant salespeople” understand that selling and customer service aren’t that different after all.

Motivating your team

The motivators for your sales and customer service are likely to be different. You might not motivate your customer service team to sell by offering them the same incentives that you offer your sales people. Understand your team, and give them the appropriate incentives so that your initiatives succeed.

Identify the opportunities

We often work with clients in a Dialogue Development Workshop, where we help them to understand the opportunities within the calls for additional sales from their existing conversations. This is completely tailored to the client, and we focus on translating your sales strategy into conversations with customers. Ones that your people are happy, confident and able to have, and ones which your customers would be happy to receive. At the heart of this are some key principles for selling to customers, ones which strengthen the relationship rather than upsetting the customer by pushing products and/or services at them.

Skill your people

Sales through service works, when customers have been helped, and where there is a fluent conversation, not a robotic scripted monologue which pushes product.

We’ve had a lot of experience helping reluctant salespeople get good results. When people’s job roles change, you need to manage that change, and good training will help with that. Our experienced consultants are used to overcoming the objections of people who don’t want to sell so that you achieve the outcomes you require. They have lots of practical experience in helping implement change and improving the quality of conversations with customers so that your business benefits.

Do you want to provide a great service for your customers and increase your sales?

A course or a programme that enables even the most reluctant sales person to understand and be able to increase order values through service.

Tailored so that it is relevant for your market place, our training focuses on the bigger picture, as well as the individual behaviours that will make a difference to the customer and to your sales figures.

It’s suitable for anyone who is involved in customer contact, and we have had great success with many people whose roles as administrators had to change to become more customer facing as their businesses changed.

Call us now for an informal chat on how you can develop sales through the right kind of service for your customers – 0845 450 0988