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Team Leader Group Slater Gordon Blackpool

Slater Gordon hosted the  Call North West Team Leader Group which is chaired by Diane Banister, our MD.

What a welcome Blackpool showed us, Slater Gordon led us through their Customer Journey and the lessons they had learned, which gave everyone some real take aways.

And the best surprise – a tram to take us into Blackpool, this has to be the best meeting room ever, and the impromptu explanation about the tram’s history in Blackpool. Blackpool even has a motto “Progress” which linked with all we were talking about.

The meeting generated some really good conversations between the team leaders, and lots of valuable information to think about.

Even when we got to the Tower, and disembarked, the conversations was still around the customer journey and everyone’s experiences.

A huge thank you to Laura Dansfield and Slater Gordon for hosting the event.


call north west team leader group blackpoolcall north west team photo