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In house Customer Service Training in Swindon

Customer Service is more critical now than ever before.  As technology revolutionises the way we do business, the human touch is becoming more important to customers.

If they have tried to self serve via your website, and can’t, they see a call into your organisation as an escalation. Your people in the front line need to be able to help customers, especially when things have gone wrong.

Our training is tailored to the clients we work with, so that they get the results they need from their investment in training.

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Intelligent Dialogue want you to be successful, and great customer service benefits everyone – customers and employees.

We design and deliver Training & Development Programmes that are

tailored training intelligent dialogue


To reflect your working environment, your customers and what they expect from you
credible training intelligent dialogue


We get great buy in to our training, by keeping it real. We speak your language not "consultant speak"
sustainable training - intelligent dialogue


We want you to get the most that you can from your investment in your people, so we work with you to help embed the learning


Based in Royal Wootton Bassett, we’ll come to you, making it as easy as possible for you, to continue to run your operation while your people are developing their customer service skills.

timely training - intelligent dialogue

At a time to suit you

Depending on what you need to achieve, our Customer Service Training courses in Swindon are half, 1 or 2 days
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Flexibly so you can run your business

Tell us how many people you would like to train, and in what size groups, and we’ll quote based on that
In house training - intelligent dialogue

At your workplace or venue

Our customer service training courses and development programmes are delivered on site at your company premises in Swindon
Short – Sam Roper – HSD Unlike other courses the action plans
Unlike other courses action plans have tangible benefits, in fact some benefit is already in action a week later.
Short – Sam Roper – HSD – the feedback and enthusiasm from everyone has exceeded my expectations
The feedback and enthusiasm from everyone involved has exceeded my expectations.
Short – Angel Advance – the most valuable course – customer service
The most valuable course taken to date for our managers, trainers and coaches.
Short – BOC – Ambassador – really good very insightful
It's helped me to understand how to make a customer feel valued. Really good, very insightful.
Short BOC – Ambassador – time and money well spent
Excellent, time and money well spent.
Short – Schein – Mark Y – Team Leader
An awesome insight into the way our interactions with clients have a significant impact on our business. Providing skills & techniques for a better customer experience.
Short – Russell Smith – Reynolds – added value
They added real value and are a real pleasure to work with.
Short – Patrick Allen – Henry Schein – results
They deliver great results and provide a real return on investment.
Short – Reynolds – Customer Service; Call Centre and leadership
If you need really sustainable results in your business then I could not think of a better company than Intelligent Dialogue.
Short – Michael Reeve – Edwards – customer service and sales
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.
Short – Rotrex – Ian Bunting – Sales
The training delivered positive & measurable results, increased hire, sales & service business in all of our market sectors.
One of the best received we have run
The Ambassador programme has certainly been one of the best received that we have run - so thank you very much for this.
Short – Jeff Hudson FLG – Hire
Intelligent Dialogue really understand the hire market, and if you want to generate more business and improve service I would contact Diane Banister.
Short – FLG Jeff Hudson – sales hire controllers
Already extra revenue has been significant.
Short – Coventry City Council – Customer Service
I would strongly recommend Intelligent Dialogue to anyone. The content was perfect and the delivery was First Class.
Short – Matt Ainscough – Commercial
The results have been outstanding.
Short – Edwards – Customer Service
I learned more in this course than in over 20 years of customer service.
Short – All Med Pro – Sales
Brilliant workshop today. Many thanks to Diane Banister. Already the feedback I have had from the team has been great. Highly recommended.
Short – BOC – Colin Mills – Customer Service
The Ambassador programme has certainly been one of the best received that we have run - so thank you very much for this.