ambassador trainingTailored Ambassador Training

Ambassador Training; helping your people connect with your customers, building the skills and behaviours to deliver a great  customer experience and your ‘brand promises.’

How well do your people represent your company and your brand?

Does the experience you provide your customers live up to your brand promises and advertising?

Are your people engaged  with your customers?

At Intelligent Dialogue we help organisations skill their people to connect with and help their customers. More than that, we help to build confidence in delivering customer experience across all  points of customer contact. Our Company Ambassador Training  focuses on face to face, telephone and email contact.

Tailored to reflect your reality, and the interactions your people have with your customers.

Ambassador training for Engineers

When engineers visit a site it is for routine planned maintenance (when they don’t want to be seen because of their impact on production schedules), or when there is a breakdown (a highly pressurised situation when they are expected immediately). Our tailored training helps engineers understand things from the customer’s perspective. It builds their confidence and skills in the conversations they have with customers, whether delivering good or bad news. From the initial contact when an engineer receives a breakdown call, to delivering bad news on site, our training helps people engage with customers confidently and helpfully.

If you want to help your people feel confident in customer facing situations, and make your brand live and breathe beyond your company workwear, then we can help.

Ambassador training for telephone and contact centres

How well do your people represent your brand over the telephone? Do your customers experience the level of service and helpfulness that you want them to?

We help connect your people with your customers, engaging them with the value of what you do, making a difference to your organisational objectives through the quality conversations they have with customers.

Our clients have benefited from

  • more engaged team members, motivated by the work they do
  •  greater numbers of happy customers
  • increase in customer retention
  •  reduction in invoice queries
  •  improvement in cash flow
  •  reduction in complaints and escalations

Ambassador training – Driver training

Often the face of a business is the delivery driver. It is the most direct contact customers have with your brand. Drivers have to negotiate the stresses of driving on busy and congested roads, driving safely while dealing with unplanned incidents that may affect their schedule. Not only this, driving is a solitary occupation, and drivers can disconnect from their company and its customer service aims. Sometimes the stresses of being delayed or the driving they encounter can spill over in their interactions with customers. Our training helps drivers deal with the realities of their role while maintaining their customer focus.

Ambassador Training – what our clients say

“The Company Ambassador Training Programme has certainly been one of the best received that we have run”
Colin Mills, Head of Engineering, UK & Ireland, BOC Gases

“We entrusted Intelligent Dialogue with a strategically important people development project that was crucial to our customer contact strategy. Helping deliver our brand to our customers, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Intelligent Dialogue”
Michael Reeve, Director Sales Operations, Edwards Vacuum

“Very interesting and eye-opening”

Craig T, Project engineer

“Excellent, Time and money well spent”

Phil M, Engineer

“Being able to discuss openly views and solutions to how we interact with customers was refreshing. I’ve realised that listening and communicating can have a profound effect and a better working relationship within your working life”

K.H. Service Engineer

“Evaluating how quickly impressions are made, and how to improve them, this will help in day to day customer training ( I train customers how to use equipment). It’s helped me to understand how to make a customer feel they are valuable and important to us. Really good, very insightful.”

R.L. Engineer

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