Call Handling Skills Training – tailored to your types of calls and callers

call handling skills trainingOur Call Handling Skills Training develops the soft skills required to manage both the call and the caller, while representing your brand in the way that you want it to be represented.

“85% of customers report being dissatisfied with their phone experience”

This is a startling statistic.

Customer service has become and will continue to be a competitive differentiator. Customers expect more both when they are buying or when things go wrong.

Can your people provide effective telephone support, understand the customer, find the right answer to their query and be helpful at the same time as navigating your computer systems and processes?

Because that’s what they need to do when they are answering the phone.

Our training helps to wow customers, minimise complaints, call backs , invoice queries and call waiting time, while improving cash flow and the customer experience.

Training tailored to you

Our training is completely tailored to the clients we work with, so we design the training with your outcomes in mind.  Whether you want to improve your customer experience, increase sales and retention, or reduce escalations we can help. We’ll put the emphasis on what you need whether that’s service, sales or sales through service.

Training is an investment and a key staff motivator. It highlights a business commitment to recruit and retain people as well as improve service. Often induction training focuses on the systems and processes your people will need to follow when helping customers, but neglects some of the key soft skills that people need to communicate  with customers.

We focus on developing the skills and confidence to effectively handle real life calls.

Intelligent Dialogue training is participative, relevant and fun. We ensure people gain useful insights into their own call handling, building their confidence into action. We do this by helping participants identify, develop and build on their existing skills.  Often we use telephone coaching equipment so that participants will get the opportunity to record, review and learn from their own telephone conversations.

Suitable for

Anyone who is involved with speaking to customers (internal or external ) over the telephone.

We recently had someone who had been with an organisation for 31 years sitting next to someone who had been with the organisation for 12 days, and both rated the course highly. That’s because we focus on the individual and help them to adapt their existing skills and practices in order to deal professionally and confidently with a wider range of customers and their needs.

We will work with you to include the most useful content and exercises for your people making sure their training experience is real world and relevant. This may include

  • why it’s so important to handle calls well
  • how the telephone affects communication
  • building rapport quickly and easily
  • how to control a call
  • call structure and language
  • helping the caller in one call
  • delivering great customer service each call every call
  • making the most of the opportunity with the customer
  • managing the stress of busy times

If it’s useful for the types of calls you receive, we can include some or all of the following modules into our call handling skills training

  • Dealing with angry customers
  • Complaint handling
  • Sales through service
  • Dealing with bereaved callers

Call Handling Skills Training – what our clients say

“Dynamic development programme which made a real difference.  A dynamic and fascinating look at communication and call handling skills and their use at work and in everyday life.

I learned more in this course than in over 20 years of customer service.”

Christian Owens, Global SAP Training & Coaching Specialist, Edwards Ltd

“Rental Managers came back full of positivity. I haven’t heard anyone say a bad word about the training. One Rental Manager has calculated that he can generate an extra £40k a year in hire revenues. Sitting down with him, he has actually under calculated this, already extra revenue has been significant.

Intelligent Dialogue really understand the hire market, and if you want to generate more business and improve service I would contact Diane Banister”

Jeff Hudson, Managing Director, FLG Services 

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