commercial skills trainingTailored Commercial Skills Training

Develop commercial thinking and practice, customer focus, sales growth and increase gross profit.

Our Commercial Skills Training helps people develop the key skills and focus which are required to deliver profit and growth into a business.

This is MUCH more than Financial Skills Training and is tailored to your business and your business processes.

Our Commercial Skills training helps participants to focus on the areas which they can influence which will make a difference to your bottom line.

Working across the business, this training programme brings sales and operations together to explore what good would look like throughout your business process.

This can be really useful when projects and costs are estimated by a sales team or a contract management team, but which is another team may have to deliver on operationally.

Ideal for project management, mechanical engineers and engineering projects, this training programme can be tailored to develop a range of skills and insights which include:-

  • being financially aware – understanding their input into the profit and loss accounts and cash flow within the business
  • consultative selling – the skills that are required to really understand the need of the client and how they can be managed profitably
  • contract management – scoping and estimating jobs, winning orders, and managing projects to budget
  • writing proposals – writing good proposals and how to deliver them so that more profitable business is won
  • customer focus – delivering profitable business in a customer focused way in order to secure repeat business
  • managing projects – to ensure that the projects deliver the profit estimated in the original proposal
  • managing the numbers – keeping projects profitable and within scope
  • managing variations to ensure that projects are profitable and payment is received on time and without hassle
  • negotiating terms with suppliers and clients

This training programme helps people to focus their activity so that the business benefits.

Commercial Skills Training – what our clients say

“The results have been outstanding with real effect on both customer service, conversions and gross profit.“

Matt Ainscough, Group Managing Director, Ainscough Industrial Services

And here’s what some of the participants have to say:-

“Insightful and beneficial”

“Excellent & Beneficial”

“Excellent Course, interactive, clear, well structured, positive actions in producing cost monitoring, managing variations, managing handovers and estimating projects”

“A very informative look at the running of our business and how our decisions can change things”

“Informative, fun, effective”

“The course has provided my with more tools with which to carry out my role within the company, and if used correctly will produce a better end product”

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