complaint handling trainingTailored Complaint Handling Training

Complaint Handling training; boost skills and confidence to help customers when things go wrong. Retain your customers and protect your brand reputation.

Things will go wrong from time to time, but our research shows it’s the businesses that can deal with customers problems or complaints that are the ones that are successful in retaining customers.

Complaint handling can’t be scripted, this is the moment when customer facing personnel must connect with a customer, listen, understand their issue and help the customer in order to retain their business.

“All I can do is apologise” or “Thank you for that information” will not help, and will leave your customers with a greater sense of frustration. In fact, in our research 76.7% of respondents had left an organisation because that company did not know how to deal with a problem or a complaint, and added to the stress of the problem by the way they dealt with the customer.

Handling complaints is one of the KEY learning needs for participants on our call centre training courses. They hate the stress of dealing with unhappy customers, and want to understand how they can best help the customer, while managing their response to what the customer may be saying or shouting at them.

Tailored to your business, your calls and your customers, this training develops the communication skills and the confidence to help customers when they have experienced a problem.
The training can help anyone in a customer facing role and can help with in order to improve the customer experience and customer retention:-

  • the business benefits of complaints and effective complaint handling
  • understanding the customer perspective
  • the key communication skills required when dealing with a complaint
  • dealing with angry, difficult or unhappy customers
  • identifying the triggers that make customers angry and avoiding the pitfalls
  • reviewing complaints and feeding back to management
  • closing the loop – making sure avoidable complaints are not repeated

Our courses are a participative mix of input and practical exercises designed to help people learn skills and develop confidence.
We’ll tailor the course so that it is right for your people, dealing with your customers in your market place.

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