Customer Service Training

Your people are your most valuable asset. They are at the front line every day dealing with your customers and representing your business.

Every interaction with your customers can affect your bottom line.

That’s why investing in good, quality training is vital.

Whatever the size of your business, customer service needs to be at the core. It’s what separates companies that thrive from those who fail.

You need to have the confidence that your people have the knowledge, skills and professionalism needed to satisfy customers, encourage repeat business and create positive word of mouth.

At Intelligent Dialogue, we are experts in customer service training. We help businesses in a wide range of industries get the best out of their teams so they can deliver exceptional customer service every time. We help inspire those new to customer service to see the value of what they do, and help re-ignite the spark with the long serving difficult customer hardened members of your team.

Intelligent Dialogue customer service training will help customer facing people

  • be better equipped to help customers
  • feel more valued and confident
  • be more motivated and engaged
  • increase customer satisfaction
  • enhance your business’ reputation and image
  • increase sales and maximise profits…… sales do come from service

Customer Service Training that delivers

Intelligent Dialogue is passionate about providing quality training that really delivers for your business.

And we can help you in one of two ways

Training Partner

Take your business to the next level with a tailored training and development programme designed to meet your specific requirements. Our professional experts not only develop first-class, bespoke training courses that are relevant to your industry and the issues you face, and we can deliver them off-site or at your premises.

Why not talk to us about the specific training needs you have. Why are you considering customer service training? What do you want it to achieve for you? We’ll help you think that through, and explain how we can work with you so that the learning sticks, and people become great company ambassadors. You can reach us on 0845 450 0988 or request a call at the bottom of the page.

“An awesome insight into the way our interactions with clients have a significant impact on our business. Providing skills & techniques for a better client experience”

Mark Y, Team Leader


Dawn P, Advisor

Great training, positive trainer, and feel I will be able to use this daily. Really enjoyable. Helps look at things in a more positive way in a demanding environment. Definitely recommended”

Alexandra M, Customer Service Representative

In Tune Training Toolbox

All the customer service training materials you need to deliver quality customer service training, where and when you want to, quickly and cost effectively. Each module takes just 60 minutes and includes Workbooks, PowerPoint slides, practical exercises and handouts.

We’ve done all the hard work for you, and condensed over 25 years of customer service training expertise into the materials. All you need to do is get your team together and focus on delivering the training . For more information click here to go to more information about In Tune Training Materials, where you can download samples.


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