dealing with angry customers trainingDealing With Angry Customers Training

Dealing with angry customers training. Reduce tears and escalations by developing the skills to manage your own reactions, lead the call and help your customer.

Anyone in a customer facing role will, at some stage, have had to deal with an unhappy or angry customer.

It is the most difficult and challenging of customer facing situations.

Helping someone who is angry and venting that anger takes a lot of skill.

You need to be able to manage your own response to anger, listen carefully, understand the customer’s problem, identifying how to best help them, and in a lot of instances navigating a computer system.

While all this is happening, you need to be conscious of preserving the customer relationship, despite dissatisfaction or complaint.

Done well, it can make an advocate of the customer. Handled poorly the situation can easily escalate, drain management time and potentially lose a customer.

Equipping your people to handle complaints and help angry customers, is essential if they are to feel confident and competent in a customer facing role.

This training can be run standalone, or as part of other call centre or customer service training. It’s particularly useful for people who may trigger an angry customer response because of their manner, attitude, or approach.

Tailored to your organisation, our dealing with angry customers training is interactive and experiential.  Participants learn skills and attitudes to help manage angry and disappointed customers effectively. A reduction in escalations means:-

  • connecting with a customer
  • avoiding the triggers that produce an angry response
  • understanding different people, different reactions. Where will your style work for you? Where will it work against you?
  • recognising how people react to problems or poor service; your part in the customer experience
  • dealing with unhappiness; the aggressive, the sarcastic, the demanding
  • helping angry customers – the biology of anger
  • managing your natural instinct when faced with conflict
  • understanding our own response and the dynamics at play
  • using strategies that really work

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