dealing with bereaved callers trainingDealing With Bereaved Callers

Dealing with bereaved callers training; helping participants to understand the impact of bereavement, develop the skills and set the right tone to help customers who have been recently bereaved.

Helping the recently bereaved is not easy if you are not equipped to deal with it. People are often hesitant and awkward, shying away from the conversation, not knowing what to say, fearing compassion may bring tears.

When you do business by telephone, or face to face, there will be a time when you have to deal with someone who is bereaved. They may be calling to close an account, find out some information to deal with a probate application, or simply to ask for advice.

This is the one situation where you must get things right first time. Having to re-do something, or deal with a problem because of a mistake in a process when you are grieving for the loss of someone close, is hard to bear. Mistakes here have a direct impact on the reputation of your brand.

Dealing with bereaved callers training

Our training (as a stand alone module or as part of wider call handling or customer service training) helps your people think through how they will respond to the situation, and be ready to support the caller with what is required.

With an emphasis on

  • understanding the bereavement process and peoples’ responses to bereavement
  • locating the point at which people contact you and what that might mean for your caller
  • understanding the law and procedures you will have to follow
  • getting it right – making sure you give the right advice, the right information, and do the right things to make the process as pain free as you can make it
  • avoiding the pitfalls and say the right things when dealing with someone who has lost someone close to them
  • good call handling skills that will help you to control the call

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