dealing with difficult peopleDealing With Difficult People

Do your managers or supervisors work with people who leave them exasperated, angry or belittled?

Do they find themselves giving in to extreme behaviour just to keep the peace?

Do they want and need to be more confident and persuasive when dealing with difficult personalities?

Do they need to feel better equipped when dealing with people who are probably causing them stress and anxiety?

Dealing with difficult people can be both debilitating and frustrating. From smiling assassins to vocal critics, Intelligent Dialogue can help those in any management role deal more confidently with people they find challenging.

Intelligent Dialogue has developed a practical approach to building confidence and greater understanding about relationship dynamics.

Practical ways in which to remain focused and persuasive and still achieve desired outcomes despite having to work with challenging behaviour. Tailored to individual participants, by our facilitators, the training helps people to:-

  • deal with difficult and challenging ¬†personalities and behaviour; aggression, negativity, whinging, complaining, blagging, resistance
  • influence people to move from their present position and see things from a different perspective
  • understand the dynamics of a relationship – how to equip yourself, protect yourself and your position during a conversation, meeting or exchange
  • recognise communication styles and what they mean for individuals – the styles participants find most challenging and how to adapt a response to achieve the desired outcome
  • deal with conflict
  • identify and understand what is happening during a conversation and learn how to negotiate a positive outcome
  • work through case studies or live issues (for participants), looking at how to maintain composure and achieve their goals
  • lead and manage meetings to maintain focus, despite conflict and disruption

Dealing With Difficult People Training – what participants say

“Engaging, involving, relevant and useful. the most beneficial course I have been on so far in my career”.

A F, Marketing Executive

“Good, worthwhile for anyone in a manager’s position”.

R J, Service Manager

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