Call Centre TrainingIn partnership with Call North West, a half day course that gives understanding about how to competently and professionally deal with callers who reporting the death of a family member.

Part of the Essentials Skills Series

4th May 2017 9.30 – 12.30 a.m. Central Manchester location

8th November  2017 1.30p.m.  – 4.30p.m. Manchester

This Essentials Skills Series training course, helps people to develop the confidence to help people who are contacting an organisation after a bereavement. We find people often don’t know how to deal effectively in the this situation, and so have developed this course to help people deal appropriately in this most difficult of situations.

The course will look at

  • understanding the bereavement process and peoples’ responses to bereavement
  • locating the point at which people contact you and what that might mean for your caller
  • understanding the law and procedures you will have to follow
  • getting it right – making sure you give the right advice, the right information, and do the right things to make the process as pain free as you can make it
  • developing responses which are appropriate for the caller and your organisation

Central Manchester location

£99 + VAT for members of Call North West. For members please book through this link to the Call North West website.

£175 + VAT for non members

Helping Bereaved Callers 4th May 2017 9.30 – 12.30 a.m. Central Manchester location


Helping Bereaved Callers 8th November  2017 1.30p.m.  – 4.30p.m. Manchester

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