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Our Introduction to Management Training and Development Programmes supports newly appointed or soon to be appointed managers in becoming an effective manager.

Highly interactive and participative, our training and development programmes build confidence, and enable participants to explore the realities of first line management. More than that, it helps people to understand where their natural style will work for them and widens their base of confidence in managerial situations and in their responsibilities.

Who will this training help?

Our training and development programme supports those who have been or are about to be promoted into their first management role.
It helps guide participants in their transition and the change of focus required of a first line manager.
Also useful for those people who have been in role for some time but haven’t had any management training.
The training has been universally praised by our teams.
The training has been universally praised by our teams. We have seen a positive difference in the way our teams communicate with those who need our help.
Lucy Caddis
Atlas short testimonial
We chose Intelligent Dialogue as they listened and understood our requirements. The training was extremely well received by everyone and saw results straight away.
Sam Hills
Exceptional feedback
The way Intelligent Dialogue worked with us just works. They developed a training programme that has been a great experience, has received exceptional feedback, and seen people really focusing on customers. I cannot speak highly enough of the approach they take.
Simon Baines
A key partner as our company moves forward
Intelligent Dialogue brings clarity, empathy and an informed insight into our staff development at an operational and board level. They are a key partner as our company moves forward to its next chapter.
David Evans
We really have seen a change
The feedback was unanimously positive. We have really seen a change in how the PSAs interact with patients; a much more ‘can do’ approach to potential problems.  
Gill Welch
Has yielded great results
“The training I have received from Diane at Intelligent dialogue is second to none! Tailor made to my working situation and at an extremely manageable pace. This has made my learning easy to implement over time and has yielded great results!”  
Debra Ward
Big impact and improvement
The Intelligent Dialogue team managed to achieve a big impact and improvement, with some of the smallest changes.
Operations Director
Best Customer Service
Best Customer Service Course I've been on in years, with one of the best trainers. Learned a great deal.
Debra Wood
100% Recommended
100% Recommended. Real development for real people in daily scenarios.
Branch Manager
Booked meetings have doubled and quotes gone up by 61%
Even after just over a month my numbers as in number of booked meetings have double and quotes have gone up by 61%. As you can imagine we’re amazed by the results. Diane has even been in touch today to see what has happened since and to see if there was anything else we needed. We couldn’t ask for a better service!
Darren John
The trainer really understood our business

“The session was hugely informative and interactive, and the trainer really understood our business, and adapted the session to meet our needs.”


Luci Lloyd
I feel so much more confident
I feel so much more confident having this framework now when handling sales calls and it feels so much more natural than the one I was trying to implement before.
Danielle Cole
Short – Sam Roper – HSD Unlike other courses the action plans
Unlike other courses action plans have tangible benefits, in fact some benefit is already in action a week later.
Sam Roper
Short – Sam Roper – HSD – the feedback and enthusiasm from everyone has exceeded my expectations
The feedback and enthusiasm from everyone involved has exceeded my expectations.
Sam Roper
Short – Angel Advance – the most valuable course – customer service
The most valuable course taken to date for our managers, trainers and coaches.
Ben Mariner
Short – BOC – Ambassador – really good very insightful
It's helped me to understand how to make a customer feel valued. Really good, very insightful.
Short BOC – Ambassador – time and money well spent
Excellent, time and money well spent.
Phil M
Short – Schein – Mark Y – Team Leader
An awesome insight into the way our interactions with clients have a significant impact on our business. Providing skills & techniques for a better customer experience.
Mark Yeates
Short – Russell Smith – Reynolds – added value
They added real value and are a real pleasure to work with.
Russell Smith
Short – Patrick Allen – Henry Schein – results
They deliver great results and provide a real return on investment.
Patrick Allen
Short – Reynolds – Customer Service; Call Centre and leadership
If you need really sustainable results in your business then I could not think of a better company than Intelligent Dialogue.
Paul Collins
Short – Michael Reeve – Edwards – customer service and sales
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.
Michael Reeve
Short – Rotrex – Ian Bunting – Sales
The training delivered positive & measurable results, increased hire, sales & service business in all of our market sectors.
Ian Bunting
One of the best received we have run
The Ambassador programme has certainly been one of the best received that we have run - so thank you very much for this.
Colin Mills
Short – Jeff Hudson FLG – Hire
Intelligent Dialogue really understand the hire market, and if you want to generate more business and improve service I would contact Diane Banister.
Jeff Hudson
Short – FLG Jeff Hudson – sales hire controllers
Already extra revenue has been significant.
Jeff Hudson
Short – Coventry City Council – Customer Service
I would strongly recommend Intelligent Dialogue to anyone. The content was perfect and the delivery was First Class.
Daniel Freeman
Short – Matt Ainscough – Commercial
The results have been outstanding.
Matt Ainscough
Short – Edwards – Customer Service
I learned more in this course than in over 20 years of customer service.
Christian Owens
Short -One Stop Hire – Sales
I'd recommend this training course if you want to make more profit. As far as courses go it's been as good as it gets.
Craig Hughes
Short – All Med Pro – Sales
Brilliant workshop today. Many thanks to Diane Banister. Already the feedback I have had from the team has been great. Highly recommended.
Adam O'Keeffe
Short – BOC – Colin Mills – Customer Service
The Ambassador programme has certainly been one of the best received that we have run - so thank you very much for this.
Colin Mills

What you will get from Intelligent Dialogue Introduction to Management Training

Built around your outcomes for the training, and connecting with any existing resources you have in your organisation, such as HR policies, e-learning, or mentors.

The training will include

  • the management challenge
  • preparing for management
  • managing work and productivity
  • managing people and their performance.

Our training helps people in key developmental areas:-

exploring participants values and beliefs about people
aligning what you believe with how you act
understanding your management and leadership role
recognising the differences from their non-management responsibilities
identifying challenges to newly appointed managers
preparing for management
meeting their team
accepting people’s expectations of them as a manager
establishing priorities as a manager
planning and prioritising
briefing and motivating the team
monitoring and supporting progress
delegating effectively – the challenges, the process and the skills
reviewing results and learning from them
gathering information and making effective decisions
engaging with your team
developing a style that motivates and enables development
being objective and fair around performance issues – looking at outcomes and achievements not personalities
giving useful feedback
having meaningful conversations around performance
setting clear performance objectives
helping people to succeed in meeting those objectives
thinking through your approach to non-performers
the manager as teacher and coach – the part you can play in developing your team

How long will it take?

Depending on your objectives up to 6 days of training over a 6-8 month period.

This programme can also include an extra one day on presentation skills, if a presentation to Senior Management is required at the end of the programme.

Introduction to Management Training – what participants say

“What is a development programme? I asked myself. When I was told by my company they wanted me to take part in one.

Six weeks into the programme I now understand totally what a development programme is, and how this has developed me

In this short space of time I have become a person who has gone from muddling their way through the day to managing their way through. I am more confident because I make sure I have all the relevant facts before making a decision. A confident person who gives off an air of authority that commands respect. Even if I don’t have all the answers straightaway, I will now stand back and assess a situation. Different to before, when I would just come up with an answer, not always the right one, but I was the manager and I was meant to know everything! I now realise that there is nothing wrong in saying I will find out an answer and come back to you, just give me some time.

I put myself in the other person’s situation now, whether it be a customer or another member of the team. I now try to see things from both sides. Different from before, I was always right, I was a manager.

It all seems so obvious, but I needed an outside person looking in to point out the things that were staring me in the face, and were so simple to change and achieve.”

Verne Wooden, Call Centre Manager

“When I was first told I was to be involved in a development programme I was quite sceptical, however on the introduction to the trainer and our initial conversation to see what I wanted to gain from the programme, my interest grew.

From the first day, the trainer put me at ease with their approach – someone who knew what they were about, and who could see where my needs were; willing to listen to what I had to say and take my views into account. From the outset I realised that the trainer wanted me to get involved and I was just not going to be talked at.

I feel a lot more confident and able to achieve the challenges in my role in a more professional way. I now understand how to plan and action instead of running into challenges and getting frustrated when I had not covered all areas. In the past I had a tendency to want to do everything myself, I now realise that getting other people involved is more beneficial and they have some valuable input.

I also didn’t communicate my plans, and now realise the importance of doing this not just to my team, but to all areas of the business.

Intelligent Dialogue have helped increase my self confidence and helped me to see my potential within my role, that I can and will be able to meet challenges and deadlines set.”

Darren M, Customer Service Manager


If you would like to support new managers or those preparing for their first management role get in touch to discuss the detail of what you’d like to achieve. We’ll discuss with you our approach to achieving your objectives, how long the training will take and the investment required.

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