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Who will this training help?
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Patients accessing healthcare are often anxious, scared or frustrated by their experiences and waiting times. If patients are paying for their healthcare, their expectations of service are high.

This means that your people need to be equipped to manage a wide range of people and situations, and our Patient Service Training does just that.

Patient facing teams work in fast paced operational environments, often with complex systems and procedures.

The impact? It’s easy for the patient can get lost in the process amidst the challenges of a busy operational environment. At Intelligent Dialogue, we are passionate about patient care, delivering quality service and reassuring patients they are in safe hands.

The importance of what and how patient-facing staff communicate with patients cannot be overstated. Every interaction within a healthcare setting is a moment of significance, impacting not only the patient’s physical well-being but also their emotional and psychological state. The quality of these interactions can make all the difference in delivering exceptional care. Training for patient-facing staff is the cornerstone upon which excellence in healthcare is built.

Patient-facing staff are key to shaping the patient experience. They are the first point of contact, the reassuring presence in times of uncertainty, and the individuals responsible for ensuring that each patient feels valued, heard, and cared for. As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, meeting and exceeding patient expectations has become a paramount goal.

Who will this training help?

Anyone who is patient facing
Administrative and Support staff will learn the importance of putting the patient at the centre of their role, ensuring smoother patient jopurneys and interactions
People new to their role
Experienced Patient Service Representatives
Your telephone based teams
Your reception and welcome teams
Managers and Supervisors – we can also help with Leadership training that will equip managers and supervisors with the skills to create a culture of patient-centred care, foster teamwork, and align organisational goals with patient satisfaction
The training has been universally praised by our teams.
The training has been universally praised by our teams. We have seen a positive difference in the way our teams communicate with those who need our help.
Lucy Caddis
Atlas short testimonial
We chose Intelligent Dialogue as they listened and understood our requirements. The training was extremely well received by everyone and saw results straight away.
Sam Hills
Exceptional feedback
The way Intelligent Dialogue worked with us just works. They developed a training programme that has been a great experience, has received exceptional feedback, and seen people really focusing on customers. I cannot speak highly enough of the approach they take.
Simon Baines
A key partner as our company moves forward
Intelligent Dialogue brings clarity, empathy and an informed insight into our staff development at an operational and board level. They are a key partner as our company moves forward to its next chapter.
David Evans
We really have seen a change
The feedback was unanimously positive. We have really seen a change in how the PSAs interact with patients; a much more ‘can do’ approach to potential problems.  
Gill Welch
Has yielded great results
“The training I have received from Diane at Intelligent dialogue is second to none! Tailor made to my working situation and at an extremely manageable pace. This has made my learning easy to implement over time and has yielded great results!”  
Debra Ward
Big impact and improvement
The Intelligent Dialogue team managed to achieve a big impact and improvement, with some of the smallest changes.
Operations Director
Best Customer Service
Best Customer Service Course I've been on in years, with one of the best trainers. Learned a great deal.
Debra Wood
100% Recommended
100% Recommended. Real development for real people in daily scenarios.
Branch Manager
Booked meetings have doubled and quotes gone up by 61%
Even after just over a month my numbers as in number of booked meetings have double and quotes have gone up by 61%. As you can imagine we’re amazed by the results. Diane has even been in touch today to see what has happened since and to see if there was anything else we needed. We couldn’t ask for a better service!
Darren John
The trainer really understood our business

“The session was hugely informative and interactive, and the trainer really understood our business, and adapted the session to meet our needs.”


Luci Lloyd
I feel so much more confident
I feel so much more confident having this framework now when handling sales calls and it feels so much more natural than the one I was trying to implement before.
Danielle Cole
Short – Sam Roper – HSD Unlike other courses the action plans
Unlike other courses action plans have tangible benefits, in fact some benefit is already in action a week later.
Sam Roper
Short – Sam Roper – HSD – the feedback and enthusiasm from everyone has exceeded my expectations
The feedback and enthusiasm from everyone involved has exceeded my expectations.
Sam Roper
Short – Angel Advance – the most valuable course – customer service
The most valuable course taken to date for our managers, trainers and coaches.
Ben Mariner
Short – BOC – Ambassador – really good very insightful
It's helped me to understand how to make a customer feel valued. Really good, very insightful.
Short BOC – Ambassador – time and money well spent
Excellent, time and money well spent.
Phil M
Short – Schein – Mark Y – Team Leader
An awesome insight into the way our interactions with clients have a significant impact on our business. Providing skills & techniques for a better customer experience.
Mark Yeates
Short – Russell Smith – Reynolds – added value
They added real value and are a real pleasure to work with.
Russell Smith
Short – Patrick Allen – Henry Schein – results
They deliver great results and provide a real return on investment.
Patrick Allen
Short – Reynolds – Customer Service; Call Centre and leadership
If you need really sustainable results in your business then I could not think of a better company than Intelligent Dialogue.
Paul Collins
Short – Michael Reeve – Edwards – customer service and sales
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.
Michael Reeve
Short – Rotrex – Ian Bunting – Sales
The training delivered positive & measurable results, increased hire, sales & service business in all of our market sectors.
Ian Bunting
One of the best received we have run
The Ambassador programme has certainly been one of the best received that we have run - so thank you very much for this.
Colin Mills
Short – Jeff Hudson FLG – Hire
Intelligent Dialogue really understand the hire market, and if you want to generate more business and improve service I would contact Diane Banister.
Jeff Hudson
Short – FLG Jeff Hudson – sales hire controllers
Already extra revenue has been significant.
Jeff Hudson
Short – Coventry City Council – Customer Service
I would strongly recommend Intelligent Dialogue to anyone. The content was perfect and the delivery was First Class.
Daniel Freeman
Short – Matt Ainscough – Commercial
The results have been outstanding.
Matt Ainscough
Short – Edwards – Customer Service
I learned more in this course than in over 20 years of customer service.
Christian Owens
Short -One Stop Hire – Sales
I'd recommend this training course if you want to make more profit. As far as courses go it's been as good as it gets.
Craig Hughes
Short – All Med Pro – Sales
Brilliant workshop today. Many thanks to Diane Banister. Already the feedback I have had from the team has been great. Highly recommended.
Adam O'Keeffe
Short – BOC – Colin Mills – Customer Service
The Ambassador programme has certainly been one of the best received that we have run - so thank you very much for this.
Colin Mills

What you will get from Intelligent Dialogue Patient Service Training

At Intelligent Dialogue we don’t deliver off the shelf training. That’s why we get such good buy in from our training and create a buzz with participants who want to put their learning into practice. Our tailored training programmes are designed to benefit individuals at all levels, expertise and length of service.

We know you don’t want training, you want the outcomes of the training, and so work with our clients to design, deliver and embed training that helps people in their role, and ultimately with the service that patients receive.

We make sure that the training is relevant to your teams by

  • Understanding your values and the patient experience you want to deliver
  • Listening to a sample of telephone calls and emails to understand your current service levels, and where we will get most improvement for you
  • Involving line managers to help promote and embed the training into their teams
  • Support the embedding of the training with a variety of reinforcement, coaching tools, coaching sessions or developing your coaches

We believe that it is important that your values shine through your contact with patients, so as well as useful techniques and approaches that help people understand the impact they have on patients, we can work with you to bring your values to life in those interactions. Putting patients at the heart of what you do, improving their experience, engaging your team and enhancing the reputation of your service.


With an emphasis on


Your patient's world and what they need from your organisation, your department and you
Understanding the patient journey and the part they play
Enhanced patient communication: Participants will learn effective commun ication techniques that allow them to engage patients with empathy, clarity and accuracy
Conversation maps to help people lead and manage patient conversations
What we say and how we say it and the impact it has on patients
How to help anxious patients and thei relatives
Stepping into the patients world to empathise and help them
Understanding your own preferences in communication and how that affects your conversations
When something goes wrong - helping angry patients
Mind the gap - stepping towards patients and helping them
Managing a queue
Transferring the learning into practice

How long will it take?

Training time and approach will vary depending on your specific objectives for the team. More practice time means more skill development.


Training helps employee engagement, patient satisfaction and your reputation.

If you would like to put your patients at the heart of what you do, and help your people to deliver exceptional patient care, then let’s talk.  We’re interested in what you’d like to achieve, how we could approach achieving your objectives and any constraints you have for delivering training in a busy operational environment.

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