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Presentation Training; prepare and present with confidence; engage your audience and get your message across.

Giving a presentation is a source of nightmares for a lot of people. Getting your message across to a group of people is a key skill for managers, project managers,  and team leaders.

When this is compounded with the pressure of bringing in sales, some people need help in getting their message across.

It’s important to speak convincingly and confidently, with personal authority, and you may need to manage their nerves at the same time.

A presenter has to convince colleagues, potential business partners or potential clients that they have a grasp of their subject and can convey sometimes complex ideas with clarity in order to achieve a high level of understanding. At the same time you need to be agile enough to be able to respond to queries and questions positively.

There is often unnecessary anxiety and fear generated even when some experienced presenters are asked to speak.


Suitable for

Anyone who has to give presentations as part of their role.

Team leaders developing their presentation skills to their own team and other parts of their organisation

Sales people who have to present to customers and prospects as part of their role.

Technical people who have to make presentations to non technical people


Intelligent Dialogue Presentation Training

Tailored to you.

Build confidence and clarity.

Presenters need to be able to manage their own thoughts and anxieties, deliver their message, involve and engage the audience and keep to time.

Intelligent Dialogue presentation training looks at real presentations that participants will make building confidence and clarity in their presentations.


  • explore key areas of the presentation you will make
  • agree what participants want to get out of the training
  • build an understanding of your target audience
  • get focused on what you want the presentation to achieve
  • helping them get organised for the presentation
  • walk through the most effective mental preparation
  • design and prepare visuals ( less is more!)
  • work on your opening lines so that you start confidently and credibly
  • help you gain and hold your audiences attention
  • develop your vocal, verbal and personal image
  • explore the impact of your enthusiasm and belief
  • make sure you avoid the pitfalls of PowerPoint
  • give you lots of purposeful practice that supports you in the things you want to get better at


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