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Presentation Training; prepare and present with confidence; engage your audience and get your message across

Giving a presentation is a source of nightmares for a lot of people. Getting your message across to a group of people is a key skill for managers, project managers,  and team leaders.

It’s important to speak convincingly and confidently, with personal authority, and you may need to manage their nerves at the same time.

A presenter has to convince colleagues, potential business partners or potential clients that they have a grasp of their subject and can convey sometimes complex ideas with clarity in order to achieve a high level of understanding. At the same time you need to be agile enough to be able to respond to queries and questions positively.

There is often unnecessary anxiety and fear generated even when some experienced presenters are asked to speak.

With the inexperienced this is multiplied and often leads to misunderstanding, misinformation, repetition, audience distraction and disconnection.

Presenters need to be able to manage their own thoughts and anxieties, deliver their message, involve and engage the audience and keep to time.

Intelligent Dialogue develops the skills and confidence for any potential presenter to any audience.  We work with live issues; real presentations that participants will make, to directly address participants’ objectives by

  • self assessment against key areas of presentation
  • creating individual learning objectives
  • building understanding of the target audience
  • getting clarity about their presentation objectives
  • helping them get organised for the presentation
  • effective mental preparation
  • designing and preparation of visuals ( less is more!)
  • starting confidently to gain credibility
  • gaining and holding audience attention
  • developing vocal, verbal and personal image
  • demonstrating the advantages of enthusiasm and belief
  • avoiding the pitfalls of PowerPoint
  • demonstrating the importance of managing  time when presenting


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