professional sales trainingTailored Professional Sales Training

Tailored professional sales training which builds skills and approaches to professionally and successfully represent your brand.

At Intelligent Dialogue, we believe that selling is a profession.

And any sales professional needs to have a strong foundation of core skills and approaches in order to have confident conversations with their customers.

We help develop the skills and approaches that your people need to represent your brand professionally, to both potential and existing customers.

This foundation training programme focuses on key  sales skills, tailored to your market place and product range, aligned to your sales process, and which will bring you the results you need.

Suitable for new members of your team it helps them to understand their approach to selling; where their strengths lie, where they need to step out of their comfort zone and how they can succeed.

Our professional sales training helps participants:-

  • improve their sales productivity
  • manage their portfolio of accounts effectively
  • use the telephone and email as powerful tools to win new customers
  • use social media effectively to connect with customers
  • have confidence in their products and services
  • understand how to engage customers and prospects in a professional sales conversation
  • explain how your products and services can help the customer or prospect in a real, relevant way
  • cut the jargon and focus on real conversations
  • reduce objections
  • manage the objections that they do receive
  • build their own sales confidence and attitude
  • develop their own “sales voice”

What a participant told her sales director and managing director after 2 days of professional sales training.

“The Intelligent Dialogue training has changed my life. Sounds a bit dramatic but it’s totally changed the way I work. I was scared to talk to the dentist because I couldn’t converse clinically or speak about product so I’d go in for the kill on price.”

I feel I have worth!!”

Tracy P,  Sales Consultant

“The sales team workshop provides fantastic insight into the sales process. The skills & processes provided will really help me to boost my sales performance”

Tom G, Specialist

“Fantastic training course, leaves you feeling very positive and refreshed”

Simon Parker, Sales Manager, One Stop Hire

“The course has been really useful & obviously tailored to our industry. It’s been run at a great rate and I’m looking forward to putting the things I’ve learned into practice”

Richard H, Specialist

“Best sales course I’ve been on”

Ryan O, Specialist

“A very good course, Steve was excellent. Great way of selling that will change the way I work”

Phil M. Specialist

“Valuable, taught me to look at my approach from a different angle”

Stef M, Specialist

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