Resilience and wellbeing training

resilience and wellbeing trainingCan resilience and wellbeing training help?

Happy and healthy employees are able to make a more sustained contribution to their colleagues and their customers.

What impact does sickness and absenteeism have on your team, your operations and your customer experience?

Stressed or unhappy employees eventually leave, and staff churn adds costs for recruitment, induction and training. Not only that people who leave because of stress can impact the perception of your organisation or brand.

Most employees feel the effects of stress from time to time. Resilience when selling is crucial and we’ve written about it here

How are you helping your people manage their stress, become more resilient and be well?

We can help you by building training tailored to the work you do. Focusing on ways to be more resilient, and relevant to the work that you do, and the typical day that your people have. Engineers have different days to sales people, sales people to contact centre workers.

Sessions usually provide the tools and techniques to formulate a simple yet effective personal wellness plan. Utilising the principles of stress management, personal effectiveness, mindfulness and where appropriate ergonomics.

Stress Resilience and Effectiveness

  • What stress is and what purpose does it serve?
  • How stress impacts us psychologically and physically
  • How to recognise the signs and symptoms in yourself and others
  • Understanding triggers and tools and techniques for managing demand
  • Tools and techniques for building personal resilience
  • The flawed techniques and why they can’t work

Mindfulness and Meditation at Work

  • Explore mindfulness and meditation as tools to enhance productivity and wellbeing, reduce stress and improve relationships.
  • Take a high-level look at the concepts of neuroplasticity and brain waves
  • Learn a couple of meditation techniques that can be utilised at home
  • A look at the theory behind meditation and enhancing concentration, a reduction in stress and improvements to cognition, health, wellbeing and relationships
  • Learn mindfulness techniques that can be utilised throughout the day


  • Learn the impacts of uninterrupted sitting, very useful for those of us work in contact centres or offices.
  • Understand how to sit to support the body and why
  • Learn how to alleviate the symptoms of a seated job


  • Learn how to come down at the end of a busy day and get a good night’s sleep
  • Development of a sleep routine

 Time Management & Prioritisation

Why not include sessions to help people prioritise their work, and focus on the things that will make a difference to their overall performance?


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