sales coachingSales Coaching

Sales coaching; working with sales people to develop their skills, confidence and actions.

Working one to one with sales people we are able to explore their approach to sales in more depth than is possible in a training course.

Focusing on the realities of their day to day, the decisions they make, beliefs about their role, their customers and their prospects as well as the approaches they take to their territory or their account portfolio; we are able to focus on practical ways to grow their sales, completely tailored to their individuals strengths and the situation they face.

From dealing with aggressive competitors, to re-engaging with their offer and how they communicate it. We can help sales people get their “mojo” back or further develop their approach and style.

Sales coaching can be used as a stand alone, or as a follow up to a training course.

For some of your experienced sales people, training might not be the answer, but working with an independent coach and a “fresh” pair of eyes can help support, grow and challenge.

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