sales management trainingTailored Sales Management Training; lead, manage, guide, coach and motivate your team to success.

Our training will equip new and experienced sales managers with the skills, behaviours and practices which help them with the day to day challenges of the role.

Tailored to the specific challenges of the client organisation, their market place and the participants, the training and development will focus on developing an approach which helps achieve your numbers….. consistently. We work with your people looking at some of the live issues they may be facing such as

  • forecasting
  • pipeline management
  • accuracy of reporting and entries in the CRM
  • lengthy and lengthening gestation periods
  • confidence of the team
  • motivation levels within the team
  • stagnant accounts
  • use of their time, and increasing sales activity
  • the experience of their team
  • the experience of churn and recruitment

Our training helps participants to explore, and develop good practices to help them be more confident in

  • the role of sales manager for their team and to develop their approach to where it needs to be
  • developing trust and credibility with their people and customers
  • reporting and the use of reporting
  • using information wisely
  • setting sales targets
  • understanding the link between motivation and performance
  • running effective sales meetings
  • assessing performance and having meaningful conversations with their team around performance
  • productivity – helping their people manage their time so that they can spend more time selling
  • developing a high performance culture within their team
  • coaching for performance – helping their people to reach their potential
  • sales planning and forecasting


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