sales mentoringTailored Sales Mentoring

Sales mentoring; supporting and developing those experienced members of the team where training is not the answer.

Sales mentoring involves bringing together small numbers of sales people ( up to 5 ). Working with an Intelligent Dialogue facilitator, participants work through the issues that they are facing, where they need to develop real world strategies for overcoming them. Recent sessions have included such things as:-

  • effective use of the sales person’s time – how to manage the distractions, and focus where most benefit will come
  • how to use the telephone, email and linked in effectively
  • managing their territory effectively
  • analysing where to spend time to get the most results from their activity
  • developing sale resilience when you are hearing the word no, or not now too often
  • how to close particular customers
  • contracting with business partners who support the sales process
  • preparing for sales presentations
  • how to generate new business
  • how to qualify leads
  • how to deal when competitors are being aggressive ( silly!) with pricing

The sales mentoring group spend time working the particular issue that each participant brings to the session; creating a supportive network of colleagues that can be drawn on in the future. This means that each member of the group gets support, everyone shares ideas and practices that are working for them, and all benefit from learning about other approaches they could consider and adopt.

The format enables us to work at depth with participants, so that they can develop real action plans that work for them.

Sales Mentoring – what participants say

“Excellent! Very thorough business training, completely built around US as individuals. Has changed my whole outlook on my job!”

Sophie W, Sales Consultant


Refreshed, inspired, focused and confident

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you for all your help and encouragement.  I have come away from your course feeling totally refreshed, inspired, focused and most of all confident that I can make my patch work now as ‘I am’ different to the rest of the supplier reps and we do have lots more to offer.

Your methods really do work and I am completely sold on the consultative approach. The training did and still has made a massive difference to me.  I have never enjoyed my job as much.”

Tracy Pepper, Sales Consultant

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