Any sales person or account manager in B2B sales, usually has a territory or a portfolio of accounts to manage – either face to face, by telephone or now increasingly virtually.

A sales plan is a key part of the role and is often overlooked.

With all the impacts of Covid, making your sales activity pay dividends is vital, so thinking about the business you receive from your accounts, forecasting the likely spend, and setting objectives and actions for those accounts, is a key activity for sales focus and achieving targets.

If you have one in place, a monthly revisit will keep you focused and on track. If you don’t have them in place, they’re a bit like planting a tree – the best time to do it was a while ago, the second best time is now.

Writing a sales plan helps by

  • Providing focus on your sales activity – there are only so many calls ( be that phone, virtual or face to face ) you can make a day – they key is to make those calls count.
  • Tuning you into the bigger picture of your account portfolio which can get totally lost in the realities of the day to day
  • Giving Sales Managers and Sales Leaders your thoughts about what is happening out there – which accounts are growing, which are struggling, which sectors and which areas are important right now and in the future


Who will this training help?

Anyone who manages a territory or a portfolio of accounts


What will you get?

An on-line two hour training course with one of our facilitators via Zoom, and everything you need to produce your own sales plan.  This includes access to our learning portal where key information is stored for you team

A sales planning workbook that takes you through the sales planning process, step by step.

This includes a sales planning template in excel that does all the hardwork for you.

And if you would like to you can turn this training course into a Development Programme by

Arranging 121 coaching for the account manager to discuss progress with his / her sales plan

Arranging a Sales Management Coaching session to help your sales managers and leaders understand the sales planning process in its entirety and their part in it.


How long will it take?

The training session course is 2 hours long on line.

Call us now to discuss your requirements, and we’ll be able to give you a price for your team. You can reach us on 0845 450 0988 or here.

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