sales presentation trainingTailored Sales Presentation Training

Speaking in front of a group of people strikes terror for a lot of people. When this is compounded with the pressure of bringing in sales, some people need help in getting their message across.
From conquering nerves to crafting a strong message, our training helps clients build strength in front of prospects and existing accounts.
No more boring “The company was formed in 1962…….” or death by powerpoint.

This skills training helps you put together a persuasive presentation which tells the decision makers what you can do for them, and is convincing about why they should use you. Our training helps participants to:-

  • convince prospects and accounts that you can help them
  • build confidence and sound technique in your pitches
  • stand out on the “beauty parade”
  • make the most of the opportunity
  • involve and engage your audience

Ideal for any sales person who has to present your company products and services to a group of decision makers as part of their buying process.
This highly practical training is useful for new and experienced sales people, or those who want to refresh their approach to presenting to customers.
This highly practical training programme builds presentation skills and confidence, works with your presentations ( not a generic one ), and can include:-

  • what makes a powerful presentation?
  • preparing the client for your presentation
  • crafting your content and structuring your presentation for real impact
  • finding your sales presentation voice – using you own style to be effective and persuasive
  • crafting a persuasive message for your audience
  • using PowerPoint effectivelyManaging your nerves to make the most of the opportunity with the customer
  • build your confidence in your skills and your message
  • building your personal authority – establishing your credibility quickly and getting their attention
  • developing a relationship with the audience
  • bringing the message alive in a way that suits your personal and brand image
  • use language to persuade and reinforce
  • handling questions and getting the audience involved
  • managing difficult people and difficult questions during the presentation
  • practice, feedback and coaching to build your skills and confidence for your pitch
  • presenting as a credible team

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