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Sales Territory Planning Training; the sales basic. We often work with sales people who are run ragged. They’ve given up having a call plan because they can’t maintain it. This training looks at the basics of call planning, helping participants develop their own plans, that they can implement immediately.

Most sales leaders are trying to hit challenging targets, dealing with aggressive competitors and increasingly savvy buyers.

Some estimate that 2/3 of sales reps fail to reach their annual sales quota goal. ( Aberdeen Group )

Without the luxury of expanding headcount or territories, sales leaders must look at the productivity of their existing sales force.

Depending on the research you read, or the sales reports you receive, most estimate that sales reps spend less than half of their time selling.
Less than half of their time!

Whether managing a geographical territory, or a portfolio of accounts, we work with sales reps to help ensure payoff from their activity. That they are in control of their sales plan, and are able to work confidently towards hitting their targets.

Some of the most successful sales people we have worked with have also been the most organised. They have understood that spending as much time as possible in front of the customer will help them be successful.

We’ve worked with the most persuasive and talented sale reps, who spend their time racing from one appointment to the next, while their emails and telephone messages are mounting up as they drive.

No wonder they lose their sales mojo. Feeling out of control and overwhelmed. And guess what, productivity drops.

By helping sales people focus on their objectives, our sales territory planning training supports participants in developing a relevant and feasible plan that will allow them to achieve their objectives:-

  • getting organised for selling
  • developing a plan that works for that territory or account portfolio
  • planning time for effective contact with customers
  • planning how you use time to hit sales targets
  • generating new business and servicing existing accounts
  • using technology to control and not be controlled
  • identifying  cost per customer contact and what that means for productivity
  • managing your time and your territory
  • planning your call cycle and call frequency
  • managing unplanned occurrences
  • revising schedules

Beside training, we can coach your sales representatives. Working with your sales managers as part of their sales leadership development, so that they can coach their people, and enhance productivity.

If sales productivity and covering your account base effectively is an issue for you, let’s speak. We’ve helped clients think through their customer contact strategy, ensuring cost effective customer contact that grows the business.

Sales Territory Planning – what our participants say

“I just wanted to write and thank you and let you know some of my learning outcomes from the day. Yesterday’s course was really interesting and thought provoking.

I thought it was really informal and your trainer is such a good teacher. She certainly made it clear without needing to point out ‘our own’ particular problems but made us aware of where our weaknesses are too. Can’t wait until the next one.

I actually started to work on my map this afternoon, while it was still fresh in my mind, I should have cracked it by the weekend!! I’m really keen to implement as much as I can from the day yesterday as I’m sure it will really help me.

Looking forward to the next session in the programme. Thank you”.

Sam, Sales Representative, Birmingham

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