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Tailored Successful Telemarketing Campaigns Training

Successful telemarketing campaigns training looks at the practices and approaches required to deliver successful campaigns into your business; to get a return from your telemarketing activity.

At Intelligent Dialogue, we believe that the approach to creating and managing telemarketing campaigns can have a significant effect on the engagement of those making the calls.  They aren’t just “banging out calls” they are making those calls count.

This telemarketing training is essential if you want to differentiate yourself from your competitors by the quality of your calls and the way you do business.

The training is aimed at anyone responsible for designing and implementing successful telemarketing, and looks to build:-

  • practice in consulting with other areas of the business about their campaign requirements
  • confidence managing the process to oversee the campaign
  • skill and practice involving and motivating those people making the calls
  • the knowledge of monitoring progress of the campaign
  • quality reporting back to the initial sponsor of the campaign
  • the quality of your telemarketing campaigns.

Our training is tailored to our clients. We’ll take time to understand your market place and your customers, so that we’re speaking your language when we work with you. Not only that, we’ll encourage you to bring along a campaign that you are working on or about to launch, so that we can work live issue with you, rather than looking at a “text-book”

Successful telemarketing campaigns motivate those people making the calls. We’ve had great results by involving those who make the calls, so that they understand:-

  • why telemarketing is so important to the business
  • the business objectives for the campaign- making calls count
  • the science behind the campaign metrics
  • the importance of the data
  • a tried and tested campaign process that works for your business
  • clear objectives for the campaign and the purpose of the call
  • the importance of testing or split testing campaigns
  • the “scripting”or dialogue development process, so that what you say to your customers or prospects follows sound communication principles
  • ensuring the calls are right for your people and right for your customers or prospects

Intelligent Dialogue training is interactive, participative, fun and developed with your outcomes in mind. Where possible we will work with you on your live issues, work on a specific campaign, develop the campaign management plan, and then support the implementation of that campaign.

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