team leader trainingTeam Leader Training

Team leader training supports the development of new and experienced supervisors and team leads.

‘First in Line’ team leaders are key to the performance of a department, function or organisation. They manage the day to day, and can have an huge impact on both performance and motivation. Often team leaders understand their responsibility to deliver their Key Performance Indicators, but don’t have the opportunity to explore how best to achieve these.

During an Intelligent Dialogue team leader development programme, we work with team leaders to build on their achievements in the role, and offer the opportunity to analyse and review progress in terms of managing their team. We help them explore where their style will work for them, and where their style may be counter-productive; helping them to hone their approach depending on their team, their work and their challenges.

All management roles have key elements, and at Intelligent Dialogue we are aware that many managers are keen to hone and refine their skillset, and to have a chance to talk through positive experiences and challenges with their colleagues.

All our programmes are highly practical and experiential, but we also provide space for reflection, to strengthen the team leadership skills and approaches necessary to be an effective team leader:-

  • the difference between managing and doing
  • the difference between leadership and management and what that means for your team
  • the focus of your role, and the impact that has on your team – what’s the example you set?
  • understanding your own strengths and development needs as a team leader
  • examining the challenges you face and the impact they have on you as a people manager
  • managing workload, productivity and time management
  • understanding your team and their culture
  • motivating the team and individuals
  • impactful team meetings or making the most of the daily huddle
  • managing upwards – building your relationship and credibility within the organisation
  • understanding the art of reflection – why it’s important – what it gives you
  • seeking support – how, where, why, when, who – why it’s a strength not a weakness
  • understanding the need for feedback – how it can benefit you
  • dealing with stress and pressure
  • rewarding yourself for success and recognising success when it happens

Team Leader Training – what participants say

“The mix of discussion, theory and practical exercises was great. The training has helped me to free up time to take a “helicopter view” of my role, my team and the company to improve our performance. Enlightening, fun, very worthwhile.”

E.S. Telesales Manager

“Best course of its kind.”

V.C. Finance Manager

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