telemarketing trainingTailored Telemarketing Training

Telemarketing training; developing the skills, confidence and behaviours to make effective, proactive outbound sales and telesales calls.

Invigorate your outbound sales teams with training completely relevant to your market place. Help them develop the mindset, skills and behaviours making calls that achieve your objectives.

At Intelligent Dialogue we’ve helped clients run successful outbound telemarketing campaigns. Positive, useful telephone calls that keep you close to your customers, helping you

  • win more new business
  • retain more customers
  • increase sales
  • defend against competitor activity
  • grow the spend of existing accounts
  • regenerate customers who have stopped buying from you
  • target specific products to specific segments of your database

You can really differentiate yourself from your competitors based on your campaigns and the quality of your calls.

As well as telemarketing training, we can help clients develop and manage telemarketing campaigns that achieve your specific campaign objectives and sales targets. We can also support Telemarketing Managers in developing campaign management processes, that deliver successful campaigns to the business, campaigns delivered by motivated engaged telemarketers.

Tailored telemarketing training

Our tailored telemarketing training reflects the reality of the types of calls you make to your customer base Where possible we work live issues; working with real telemarketing campaigns. Training can include

  • business to business telemarketing skills
  • generating new business by telephone
  • customer retention calls
  • growing business from existing customers
  • outbound calls in a tough market place
  • developing resilience
  • differentiating yourself from your customers
  • protecting price and profits

Our training courses are highly participative and highly practical. We use telephone coaching equipment, even live call coaching to build participants’ skills and confidence, so that you get the results you need from your investment in people development.

Telemarketing Training – what our clients say

“I have used Intelligent Dialogue’s services several times and can thoroughly recommend them. The training provided to our sales and telemarketing teams was extremely informative, thought-provoking and enjoyable; they delivered exactly what we needed. Most importantly, the results of the training were extremely impressive – the number of appointments our people booked improved dramatically.”
Tony Bray, Managing Director, Intuitive Business Intelligence Ltd.

“Really tailored to the needs of the team, as they were involved in the area’s they need to work on. The whole day has been really beneficial and boosted the team’s belief in themselves. We are seeing the benefits in terms of the focus of the team, understanding what they need to find out about and why and how to use that information”

Julia S, Telesales Manager

No more “Just a quick call”

Here’s a poem a participant wrote after training with us

The following advice will stand you in good stead
Improvements and honing to help you get ahead

No more courtesy or “just a quick call”
Be professional and confident, give it your all

Don’t ramble or babble and try not to squeak
Measure your pace and tone when you speak

Don’t talk at them or their interest wont glisten
Engage, converse and make sure you listen

To badger and interrogate is not your task
To gather intelligence, key questions you must ask

Whenever possible try to build a rapport
If they trust and like you, they’ll come back for more

Jamie G, Telesales Executive


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