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Time Management Training and Coaching

Be more productive and effective with your time. Connect with the important and essential parts of your role…. and your life.

At Intelligent Dialogue we know time is precious, we also know that everyone has the same amount. Some people are better than others at being productive with the time they have available, and are consistent in making time for the things that matter to them such as time with family, friends, themselves.

In our time management training, we work with participants to get control back, so that their time and energy is focused on the things that will make them more effective and productive.

It’s believed that the office worker of today works for an average of three minutes before an interruption occurs. Email is a tool, often useful, sometimes a distraction, sometimes a waste of hours of work.

Our time management training and coaching helps people explore their approach to managing their time and productivity. It offers practical ways to manage and organise your work, schedule and emails. After all, – you can’t make a difference looking for your keys.

We also help participants explore their natural preferences around tasks and deadlines, giving them time to consider what that means for them, and develop an action plan to work more effectively.

For those people overwhelmed by the volume of their work, we help them to understand how to prioritise their work load.

For those involved in sales, we help them look at sales effectiveness, so they spend time doing the things that matter, which is usually speaking with the right people within prospects and/or accounts.

Managing time & productivity – what participants say

“Thought and Action Provoking, company money really well spent, thoroughly beneficial working day. Will help me to prioritise my workload and remember to plan, do, review.”

A.F. Marketing Manager


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