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In Tune Training helps at all levels

Delivering customer service training that sticks is a passion of ours, which is one of the reasons we developed In Tune Training Materials.

Customer Service as a differentiator, is a central belief for a lot of our clients who want to develop their customer service experience, because they realise the difference that makes to both customers and employees.

Over the years we’ve had enquiries from several companies who want to improve their customer service but have real constraints in terms of time and budget. More and more managers are being asked to do more with less, but the need for interesting and impactful training that makes a difference to the business and to its employees still remains.

Some businesses don’t have an internal training resource and don’t have the budget for a tailored training programme. They know their customer service needs to improve but are not sure how to go about developing a focus on Customer Service with their people. They need some tools to help them.

When a client realised the power of small flexible chunks of training, in Tune was born. Although the modules we now sell have developed considerably from those early days, In Tune Training Materials still tackle a lot of the problems faced by Managers, Team Leaders and In House Trainers.

And of course, In Tune helps the front line employee. And if they are confident and helpful in their dealing with customers then your customers benefit too.

If you’d like to think through how you can develop your customer service then please get in touch now. We’ll spend time thinking through with you the best way to develop the skills and confidence of your people with the resources and budget you have available.customer service training toolbox

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