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Difference between training and development

difference between training and developmentThe difference between training and development can be summed up quite simply.

Training is delivered but participants and the companies paying for the training want development.

They want to see the return on their investment of budget, time and energy.

Quite simply training is an event, a seminar, a course, an elearning course.  They have their place, a cost effective way of delivering content, but for real development their needs to be a focus on how learning is embedded; retained and applied.

Development is a process which allows individuals to learn and apply their learning so that they grow their skills, confidence and expertise, equipping them to be more successful in their role.

Good training specialists craft training courses to ensure that not only is there good learning during the course, but that the learning is retained and applied in the work place. Powerpoint presentations alone won’t do that, and death by powerpoint certainly won’t.

A participative, interactive, relevant training session helps to deliver sound action plans. Good training consultants recognise the importance of focusing on the needs of the group they are working with to ensure the course achieves its learning outcomes. 

A development programme works differently.

It recognises that one size doesn’t fit all and is a process designed to focus participants on their learning, the skills gaps they need to close. It can be made up of a combination of formal and informal training, activities and opportunities that help participants grow their talents and skills.

In a development programme, we will work with a group or team of people over a period of time, helping them to apply their new found skills into the workplace. We review what is working, as well as the areas participants have struggled with. This means that we often work the participant’s live issues to help them further develop their approach, at a time when old habits are fighting hard to be recognised. Supporting, challenging and helping them embed their learning is key.

We also work with line managers and internal training teams or coaches to support and further develop skills so that we can help ensure the sustainability of the training initiative.

Development programmes can be particularly useful in developing :-

  • talent
  • managerial thinking, capacity and skill
  • commercial and business acumen
  • business development and growth practices, skills and approaches
  • call quality and customer experience

And we’ve got lots of innovative ways to help develop people, get in touch to discuss ways in which we can help you develop your people.