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Help your employees flourish

With more than twenty five years experience, at Intelligent Dialogue, we help clients achieve real results from training their people.
To many company’s training is perceived as a luxury rather than a necessity. We are here to change that perception!
We love to see business’s and people thrive.

Our training programmes, are designed and delivered to help clients achieve the outcomes they need from their investment in training.
Quite simply we help clients grow their business, whether that’s through sales, telesales, customer service training or management development programmes.
But, we also understand that there are companies that don’t have huge training budgets, but who know the importance of great customer service.
So we’ve condensed all our experience into In Tune Training Modules, and the great thing is you don’t have to hire anyone from outside your business to teach them.

In Tune training packages are designed to help you connect your people with your customers. We provide you with downloadable training guides, PowerPoint presentations, action plans, exercises and workbooks, so courses can be taught easily by team leaders with minimal preparation.

One hour sessions minimise disruption in your day, and are packed with ideas that can be put into practice straight away to delight your customers.

In Tune sessions are lively, fun and serve to inspire, motivate and educate. With modules that include Choosing Your Attitude, The Customer’s World and Extraordinary Service, they are a great way to kick start or refresh your customer service training.

If you like what you hear, take a look at our website or give us a call to see how Intelligent Dialogue can help your business and your employees flourish.