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Leadership behaviours that motivate

Here are the leadership behaviours that motivate people; we consider them the most important when looking to build and maintain motivation. These are easy to understand factors that most people will recognise when looking at how they are motivated themselves, and how they manage and motivate their people.

They are a good start point for a conversation in your management meetings , training sessions or one to ones.

You can download a pdf of this infographic together with an Infographic on behaviours which demotivate at the bottom of the page.

Leadership Motivate



























Consistency in dealing with people is one of the most important  factors in motivating people. If your decision making is erratic, particularly in the way you deal with your people, you will very quickly lose their trust and support.

What you consider to be an easy response to a situation, e.g. pay, disciplinary procedures, favouring one of your team can create a divisive and unproductive working environment.  You decisions will have a consequence, and you need to think through the implications,  and how you will communicate them to your team.

Bill Parkinson who founded and built a very successful business  (LGH ) talks about this in our interview with him. More Here

We explore motivation on our team leader development programmes, and also work one to one with Leaders coaching around their leadership style to the challenges they face.