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What Is Feedback?

what is feedbackFeedback is a dialogue between people which reflects back how one person sees another person’s behaviour or performance.

We get feedback from the way people react to us.

Feedback is critical for our learning and development. To paraphrase Robbie Burns “What a gift God could give us, to see ourselves as others see us, it would from many a blunder free us”

Not many of us are equipped with the ability to have good useful objective self talk and so we turn to others for feedback. And that can be a scary thing.

As managers, coaches, trainers and peers we may have more formal conversations about performance, or how someone could carry out an aspect of their job role more effectively. We have to create the conditions for a conversation which will help bring about a change in  behaviour, we have to help someone receive our feedback.

We have to give feedback to improve performance often whether people want it or not.

Approaching this isn’t always easy, but remembering the purpose of what you will say, and structuring the conversation accordingly will help you make sure feedback is positive and key in helping someone to learn, grow in confidence and improve their performance as a result.

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