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Back to Bassett

Back to Bassett walking challenge – A great way to help people move even in winter

We’re really aware just how much sitting we are doing in the back to back zoom and teams meetings we’re leading and attending.

So to get us moving, we set the Back to Bassett Challenge.

We thought it would take us til’wootton bassett town hall mid Feb, but collectively and virtually we marched back to Royal Wootton Bassett ( ID HQ ) on the 25th January, there was even some snow to welcome everyone.

Our virtual tour took us from Bassett to Portishead, Taunton, Devon, Hampshire, Worthing, Essex, Corby, Oxford and back to Bassett.

What a metaphor for team work.

We set up a WhatsApp group, and the chat, and photos of people’s dogs and muddy wellies has been a distraction from all that is going on.

The next challenge? We haven’t decided yet, but we’re checking out the World Walking App which lets you bank your steps against a world walk ( across the UK, across the US, the world is your oyster ) and it points out all the landmarks of where you’ve reached, and you can have a look around on google street view.

If your feet are as itchy have mine have been to get away, this might be the best we can hope for right now.